Monday, August 29, 2011

One of My Cigars is Missing

Bank Holiday Monday, autumn has arrived early, the weather is a typical disappointment, no flying today and one of my Cuban cigars has gone missing!

It wasn't a great deal better over at Weymouth yesterday between some very heavy showers. The beach was busy but not what the south coast tourist trade might hope for on a Bank Holiday weekend. The restaurant at Compton Abbas airfield was packed with visitors, some to watch, some to take short pleasure flights in their vintage Tiger Moth aircraft and others simply to enjoy lunch and shelter from the rain.

That said, the visibility between showers was excellent and from 2,500 feet passing Brighton, I could clearly see the City of London and the 'Gherkin.'

Thankfully, everyone who got into difficulty in yesterday's RNLI charity swim race at Joss Bay, in Broadstairs yesterday, were rescued by the inshore lifeboat without mishap. There must be a moral to that story somewhere.

Now, if I can get that cigar back from the usual suspect to enjoy over the remaining holiday, without the end being chewed off, I'll be lucky!

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