Thursday, August 04, 2011


Time to put this week's fly-posting campaign behind us but lost in the outraged and exaggerated static being displayed elsewhere in the blogosphere, is the fact that the local council didn't spontaneously decide to take down roadside adverts but was responding to a number of complaints from residents and businesses about them. One could argue about this decision until hell freezes over but if any reader particularly wants one of a number of tax-expired, tatty white vans displaying adverts across Thanet to park, for weeks or months at a time, outside their house, then please do drop me a line and I'll happily put their address under the windscreen wipers of a couple of fine examples we have locally before they are carted-off by KCC.

A dramatic change in the weather and temperature from yesterday and looking at the weather radar map, it looks as if the English channel is migrating in our direction from the blue mass of rain heading our way. Fortunately and apart from Cabinet this evening, I've nothing on until the weekend, when the Big Brother House is once again in the sights.

It's the time of year when the airshow season reaches full swing and I've four to do over the next couple of weeks, Shoreham, Dunsfold, Bournemouth and Dawlish, either towing banners for clients like Airfix or as a part of the Glider FX team which has some impressive displays planned, among them, a dusk display at Bournemouth.

If you missed it last time I put the video up, here's Bournemouth from a previous year and what Guy, who's a national aerobatic champion, can do with a glider, is nothing than less than miraculous. Over in Holland for an airshow last month, he had an engine failure in one of the small Twisters, during a display and still bought the aircraft back in to land without a hitch.


Anonymous said...

Why Whould tdc be doing it if it could be left kcc

DrM. said...

Just a touch of prosaic irony!