Monday, July 11, 2011

A Two Million Pound Cheque.

The driver from UPS delivered a cheque for £2,000,000 today, which was nice! It didn't stop me from buying a ticket for tonight's Euro Millions £160 million rollover, which would come in quite handy, now British Gas has decided to bump its fuel prices.

My daughter didn't believe me at first. "Have you ever seen a cheque for £2,000,000? Well neither have I"

As you'll see from the cropped photo, it's a bit larger than your average cheque. In fact it's a digital image of the real thing, 15 feet high by 35 feet wide and quite what the cashier will say when it's passed over the counter I don't know.

It's now ready to fly and will do somewhere yet to be revealed. I've made a point of cropping the payee's name and the bank account details so I don't give the game away. With Bob Crowe's RMT banner due back in from the Durham Miners Rally tomorrow, which is the same size, I need to make sure I don't get the two mixed-up when I make the flight as that would be rather embarrassing to say the least.  I guess you'll read about it when it happens. Anyway, it was nice to have £2,000,000 in my hands for a while at least. We can but dream I suppose!

Meanwhile, a good friend of mine who's just started flying for a small airline ferrying tourists to the exotic holiday island paradise of Bali tells me there's a vacancy for another pilot with the right experience. I wonder if I could make some small digital adjustments to that cheque before it's too late?


ascu75 aka Don said...

Bali sounds good ............will you resign before you go or keep claiming your allowances? Just jesting Simon (I couldn't resist it) Is the two million the amount paid out for compensation for loss of office and enhanced pension benefits to executives at TDC? I couldnt resit that either. Simon why is it these termination figures seem so large? Surly a mistake has been made to pay enhanced pension benefits of £83k someone is having a laugh at our expense I for one am disgusted at the figures. Enough of the local disgrace, I bet Bob Crowe would love to see 2 million quid donation from the air. Good luck keeping them from getting mixed up. Dont go to Bali we would miss you.

DrM. said...

Don't tempt me Don. What many people don't realise is that for many "working" councillors I'm sure, the allowance will frequently make them worse-off tax wise as it can kick them into another bracket as the Revenue don't treat it as an allowance but as pay instead.

As for local government settlements, I'm afraid that your local council has little room for manoeuver and the blame for such genorousity should lie squarely at the feet of successive Labour governments in making it impossible to deal sensibly with public sector compensation. Sharon Shoesmith is I'm sure a fine example of this.

ascu75 aka Don said...

I know someone who turned down a payrise a few years ago at Pfizers because going into the next tax bracket maade him worse off. Not that it matters now he has been made redundant.