Friday, July 08, 2011

Noisy Birds

Reading a 'Socialist-worker' style diatribe from Cllr Ian Driver in today's Thanet Gazette letters page, I'm really beyond surprise anymore. I suppose I'm counted as one of 'Cameron's Cronies' because I once 'went to Eton' in an indirect and accidental sort of way. How and why is another and rather long story and I think the Prime Minister and the Chancellor had  left the 6th form by then.

Add to this, a long missive on why Thanet Council should turn Manston airport into a Las Vegas-style amusement park to finally rid the island of all those 'noisy aircraft' and I think the editorial flavour of the week is well and truly set, for me at least.

Where, I wonder, do some of these letter writers think the money to achieve their wild ideas might come from? Tonight's Euromillions £168 million jackpot perhaps or the loose change lost behind Clive Hart's sofa? Cllr Driver reminds us that it 'woz' the capitalist bankers that got us in this mess; nothing to do whatsover with a now exiled recluse named Gordon Brown or even a political party once loosely described as 'New Labour.' But I'm beginning to sound like Victor Meldrew and so I'll give my feelings a rest for now.

Aside from Labour wishing to debate next week, a matter, we already have the answers to, namely the controversial issue of Live Animal Exports from Ramsgate, Thursday's council meeting also has an agenda item of real local importance and that's the future of the airport.

Views between the two main parties are firmly polarised, with Labour seeking a motion "The Council adopts a policy of not allowing scheduled, pre-planned or otherwise timetabled flights between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00.

The Conservative view still very much revolves around the subject of seeking proper representative public consultation and the recognition that the airport plays an important economic role in the life of the island, with every sensible effort being made to support its growth and the potential for jobs that goes with it.

In my view, any regional airport that cannot operate any night flights, period, for whatever reason is most unlikely to be able to follow a rapid path of strategic development in a 24-hour economy; particularly if airfreight is involved. That said, most of the people I speak with on on the subject, recognise that an element of commercial pragmatism has to be sympathetically balanced with the local environmental considerations. In this respect, I don't see unilateral political ultimatums being helpful or indeed productive at a time when the island needs to engage with any and all opportunities for the future.

But that's just my opinion!


Ogmios said...

Yet again, those on the north side of the Island writing off Ramsgate as a place to live and bring up a family. Wonder how many supporters of night flying there would be in Westgate if the runway was 00-18 rather than 10-28.

JADFL said...

In my view, any regional airport that cannot operate without the need for freight night flights, should consider whether it is a viable business.

They can only compete on providing the kind of business most other main airports would never get the go ahead to take part in, because they consider the thoughts and well being of the residents.

So are we saying it is not fair that Manston cant benefit from being in an area where the council do not give a damn about the local residents?

BTW i do live in the Westgate area, and would love to see Manston flying passengers to some destinations we might actually want to go. Holiday spots like Ibiza, Mallorca. Business and weekend destinations like Barcelona, Amsterdam. even Paris are a damn site more appealing than Belfast!
I saw recently that EasyJet may be flying from Southend.

DrM. said...

The statement

"So are we saying it is not fair that Manston cant benefit from being in an area where the council do not give a damn about the local residents?"

bemuses me because it flies contrary to the fact that the council works single mindedly in the interest of local residents.

Anonymous said...

EKO LLP and the Tescos bag being, of course, a classic example of the Council working single-mindedly for the benefit of local people. Not to mention absentee councillors in Panama or on the p**s.

DrM. said...

2:50 - You are clearly a very confused individual!

EKO is a business development that was implemented to stimulate the opportunities that its title implies. The falling economy overtook events.

The Tesco bag incident has achieved mythical local status and as I was one of the three councillors who saw the contents when Bertie Biggles invited us to visit his home and see it, I can assure you that this is a fine example of bloggers adding two and two and making 99 from its contents.

Absentee councillors have nothing whatsover to do with the council. In that example you had a councillor who accepted an assignment abroad which rather longer than he expected. Arguably he should have resigned more quickly than he did in the circumstances but that was a personal issue.

Anonymous said...

For falling economy overtook events read we can make a bigger profit by selling the land for houses.
Absentee councillors are absent. And you say that is not a matter for the council.
From other sources I am well aware of your part in the Tesco Bag affair. For what it's worth I think you acted honourably throughout the whole business but as you know it wasn't so much the contents of the bag that were the problem in the end. Dodgy plods are dodgy, whether they take money from journalists or act on the orders of the local Lodge.

Ogmios said...

Councillor Driver is an idiot, but a dangerous idiot. Need to keep a very watchful eye on him.
I notice that whenever someone starts to get a bit too close to the bone that you start any response with an insult. A trait that I have noticed with you over a number of years now. A bit of a giveaway really.

DrM. said...

I've seen you spray this "Local Lodge" and bent coppers conspiracy theory around with other equally daft allegations elsewhere. Just try and get it into your head that it's a myth, a figment of your overactive imagination and the Masons, Al Qaeda, Bug's Bunny or even Alien green lizards (David Icke's favourite) have no influence whatsoever in the politics of Planet Thanet in 2011. If any of these did I wouldn't be here!

DrM. said...

"Insults" Ogmios, please don't get me started! Don't confuse insults with a forthright and frank response to facile questions and equally daft statements.

You'll be telling me about the green lizards next!

Ogmios said...

That'll be the Bunny that belongs to Bug I assume.
I certainly don't believe in green lizards, but experience of politicians over the last 50 years has shown that the more they protest the more they have to hide. You are a good local councillor and generally on the side of the goodies, but you do let yourself down with this unfortunate mannerism.

DrM. said...

When you finally work out what I'm hiding then do let me know. Meanwhile I'm going down the pub with my Whippet!

Ogmios said...

I don't think you're hiding anything. I do think you have an somewhat strange way of talking to people, especially those who form part of your constituency.
Which one were you anyway; Minister Windy; the garrulous Station Master (I have this one down as dear Iris); Mr 'Ten-point' Deer or Mr Pond Frog

DrM. said...

Well, you can either have the normal run of the mill politician who talks complete b*****s or one who actually has opinions and is prepared to defend them

Anonymous said...

All politicians have opinions. And you havent answered Ogmios question

DrM. said...

I didn't say i didn't have a selective memory. It goes with the job!

ascu75 aka Don said...

Makes me laugh, a Las Vegas-style amusement park. HEEE HEEE. To have an airport that cant operate 24/7 is ridiculous. The people who object will happily fly back from Spain at the end of their holiday and land at 2.30 am becausee thats what the package holiday provides, but they fail to make the connection thats what Manston wants to be able to do. As for the live animal export I have said many times I am in favour of it going ahead. We need the income it generatees for UK PLC and the farmers deserve our support.

Anonymous said...


It seems that you personally have already decided that some form of night flying is acceptable from manston.

Ramsgate residents were treated to a preview of the shape of things to come last Friday 1st July when a heavy jet landed at 0350. It awoke most of my neighbours. Some didn't get back to sleep.

Events such as this can be mitigated if measures implemented as recommended in the TDC funded report by Bureau Veritas. They have recommended that bedrooms in houses subjected to 90db single event sound levels - tens of thousands of households in Ramsgate - should get double glazing.

As you say you are committed to serving the interests of Thanets people, perhaps when pandering to the airport and it's supporters who beleive night flights will bring jobs (why else would you support it) you should temper this your support for double for those most effected.

And Don, perhaps TDC have never wanted alternative development at manston as it would undoubtedly include housing and business park elements, which clashes with TDC part owned EKO's idea to turn agricultural land into just that.

DrM. said...

It's not for me to make up my mind. I may have an opinion but it's simply that.

I was asked about the same flight I think and the answer I had was that it was carrying military supplies to camp Bastion if it's the same one.

Anonymous said...

DrM, your own Penny Button says the plane at an ungodly hour was in fact a late arriving iceland air freighter.

No mercy flight.

Acceptable or not for the people you represent?