Sunday, July 03, 2011

Late Sunday

Late Sunday evening and I notice that of late, the local blogs are a little quiet. More likely than not my fellow bloggers have better things to do at the height of summer than tap away at keyboards, hoping, like me for occasional moments of inspiration, which just as quickly fade away as the temperature rises.

I've been flitting about the sky this weekend, finishing today with yet another marriage proposal over Brighton beach. I've now completely lost count of the number of times I've proposed to complete strangers and apparently, they've all said '"Yes", which must be some kind of record.

An early start on Monday morning with the breakfast programme on Heart FM 103.1 & 102.8 , a part of which is running from the aircraft between 8am and 9am. So if you want to win a year's free Sky TV viewing, then watch the skies and listen in,  phone in hand, because if you live in Thanet, you've a really good chance of being a winner, as I'm coming this way.

Bin night tonight.. Oh joy!


Buzz said...

Volunteers at work again.

Peter Checksfield said...

The Naked in Thanet blog has been busy also! ; )

I wish Bertie would return with Thanet Strife, as I'm sure that many issued in the Margate area are being overlooked now, especially as Tony Flaig rarely mentions the town nowadays.