Friday, July 15, 2011

24 or 48

In terms of a frantic 24 hours the last day or two has been pretty intense.

I dropped into the Imperial War Museum at Duxford to have a look around before doing an evening job and had a good look at the damage done to the SkyRaider aircraft that miraculously survived the collision at the weekend's airshow. The black smear in a barley field short of the main runway marked where the other aircraft, a vintage WWII  Mustang had come to grief.

The evening display I had to do around a wedding at a stately home just north of Stansted attracted another unexpected visitor, an Apache helicopter and it's pilot with a distinctive public school accent. So he orbited and I orbited, keeping well out of his way, wondering who was behind the flying helmet in the pilot's seat.

Thursday started at 4am and a train to London to give a breakfast briefing to twenty-five CIOs at a Mayfair restaurant, then over to the House of Lords to see Toby Harris, lunch at Holborn and a mad scramble back to catch the evening council meeting in Margate running the cordon of polite but vocal animal rights protestors on the way.

I'm sure you will have read reports of the council meeting elsewhere, - James Maskell writes a good summary - so I won't add much other than comment, that the now constant interruptions, quips and disruptive barracking by the Labour group are becoming rather more than tedious and now verge on the juvenile. I've seen better behaved classes in failing schools.

We live in very challenging times and yet the opposition appear quite unable to arrive at workable ideas that don't involve spending money that local government simply doesn't have anymore. Once again, Labour leader Clive Hart, reminded us that the desperate economic situation was the fault of international bankers and nothing whatsoever to do with the last Labour Government; a twisted line of reasoning that even Ed Balls has given up on trying to foist on a public that simply isn't that credulous.

Anyway, I've some Trades Union work to do myself this weekend at the Tolpuddle Martyrs rally. in Dorset. That said, the weather forecast isn't looking particularly good but there's always a big turn-out, rain or shine.

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