Friday, June 10, 2011

Where's That Whippet

Following the fine example of the now politically-deceased Labour councillor from Northwood, I was down in my local micro-pub a little earlier this evening, sheltering from the rain, with a pint of Real Ale in my hand and wearing a well-worn cloth cap with a rented whippet in tow...

Well that's not quite true, the rain that is or come to that the pint, as half a cider is quite strong enough. I might be stretching the truth about the whippet too but I did have a pack of the Quex, Oyster-flavoured crisps, as I'm quite determined to taste an oyster in there somewhere among the salt and vinegar if it's the last thing I do!

Anyway, I was asked if the Vulcan was really turning-up for next week's Margate airshow and all I could honestly answer is that I've heard nothing to the contrary and that the event is steadily shaping-up into a great-looking entertainment weekend along the seafront.

I'm off to the Isle of Wight Festival tomorrow and I'm told there are some 300 microlights descending into Sandown airfield at about the same time that I'm dropping into Bembridge next door. This is the aviation equivalent of finding 300 mobility 'scooters' rattling between the Thanet Way and Westgate, on both sides of the carriageway but in three dimensions. So I will need to keep my eyes wide-open as I start a long descent to the island from Goodwood, as from long experience, many of the microlight jockeys skudding around at low-level, won't!

I've replaced the earlier video with one of a recent UFO sighting which has gathered over 68,000 hits. It wasn't a UFO but a private aerobatics display for Adidas by my friends on the Swift team over London and testing out the new pyrotechnics!

Now where did I leave that Whippet?


Anonymous said...

Oyster flavour crisps ?


When I were a lad (Back when we had trades unions and the only political managers were int soviet unions) the only way we could own a whippet was being in a private public partnership.

Money were tight. Especially after government ran outa t'other people's money.

Anonymous said...

When I was a lad we couldn't afford crisps and had to make do with the glass from broken bottles instead

Anonymous said...

I will not be attending the airshow this year,i have concerns over safety and security due to the open nature of the event.
At last years event the council stopped people bringing drink in the evening because of troublemakers and i think that it is going to be a nightmare on saturday evening because no such enforcement is going to work.
I have heard that it was at the Turner Contemporarys behest that the airshow was moved and would be interested in your thoughts on these.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Oyster-flavoured crisps? Having heard a Vulcan once before I am in no hurry to have my ear drums damaged again I would advise everyone to watch it with ear protection. I really must blog about the airshow. Are you planning a flypast Simon?

DrM. said...

Coastal airshows all over the country seem to manage safely and without significant trouble and I hope the the same is true of Margate!

The position has nothing to do with the Turner.. quite the opposite in fact!

I will be displaying both days wweather permitting

1 o'clock Rob said...

@ 11:44 what a load of tosh...

Anonymous said...

rob-11:44,s comment was fistly a statement of fact and the second part was a question,what part do you consider tosh?

1 o'clock Rob said...

How can it be fact, the event hasn't happened so the anon at 11:44 has no idea how it will policed, unless he can time travel.

I neither know nore care why the event was moved to the main sands... but I'd imagine the shop owners, cafes, bars and restaurants are happy that it HAS moved.

People in Thanet love to moan don't they... sad isn't it.

Ogmios said...

I'm with you. Heard them in the S Atlantic and certainly don't wish to be reminded of that again.