Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Sunday at Margate's Big Event

What a fabulous display by the Red Arrows this afternoon that entertained thousands of people between the Margate Harbour Arm and the beach at Westgate, with the 'Arrows' skimming along the clifftop at low level between the two as they carried out a lengthy and highly skilled display.

It took some persuasion to re-locate the Big Event from Palm Bay to Margate under our new Cabinet and if all those people watching the fun at Westgate and Westbrook think it's the best place for it in future years, then do please leave a comment, letting me know what you thought of the show and what you think could be improved upon if finances and opportunities allow for 2012.

Those of you at the event this afternoon may have noticed than I finally managed to get the Airfix Airshow banner airborne during a gap in the weather and before the Memorial Flight came in. It got back just in time as the heavens opened and so I call that as a good and rather lucky result. I did notice that some of The Tigers freefall parachute team ended up having a dip in Margate harbour but they gave the crowds some wonderful entertainment in the process.

Does anyone recognise the lost dog, now renamed "Airfix" that made it's home in the Airfix tent?

Well done everyone who helped make this weekend such a great event for Margate and Thanet.


Phil said...

What an amazing weekend. We watched the show from around the sunken gardens and found the Memorial Flight and the Vulcan especially breathtaking.

My partner, a hardened, Thanet police officer, was crying with pride as the Lancaster went over us. Her jaw then dropped as we saw the enormous Vulcan crawl over with its deafening roar.

Can't wait till next year

Anonymous said...

We went to both days, and despite the weather it was great. The BBM, Tornado, and Vulcan were incredible as were the red arrows.

The main sands location was excellent, and the whole event seamed well structures. Congrats to all those involved, looking forward to next year all ready.

Army re-enactment from the sea and on the sands.
Small Naval in shore displays
Wider variation of aircraft.
Continue with modelers tent.

A disgruntled Thanet resident said...

Personally I've never been interested in the Big Event, I do like the fact that it helps the local economy and gives Margate a reputation for something other than being an employment blackspot or dated ideals of the seaside.

I do however hate the fact that local traffic is crippled by the mass exodus of event goers and the police helpfully closing roads that would allow locals to skip round the heavy traffic. I did think the new location would help prevent this problem as the event parking locations should encourage people to go straight on to Canterbury Road or Ramsgate Road.

Once again next year I will be trying to avoid Margate.

Love and kisses,
A disgruntled Thanet resident

Tony Beachcomber said...

Events like this are surely the way forward to inject business confidence into Margate which will benefit the whole communtiy in the long term.
As for the displays, I think we can forget seeing any Harriers as the government has given them away to the Americans for £38 million.

Peter Checksfield said...

Have you tried walking / cycling / getting the train, Mr/Ms Disgruntled? Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

1 do recognise the dog but do'nt know his owners name,he is usually walking around Margate with his owner never on a lead,he goes in some cafe's and the working men's club,1 will make enquiries as 1 know they are devoted to each other(just wish all dogs had to be on leads)although i usually am afraid of staffies,this one is totally harmless..

Anonymous said...

Any luck finding the dog's owner Dr M?

DrM. said...

I will ask Airfix as I'm expecting to pop in this week!

DrM. said...

Apparently the dog's name is Rosie and she's been reunited with her owners!