Thursday, June 16, 2011

Margate's Big Event - The Airfix Airshow

With less than forty-eight hours to go until Margate's Big Event , Saturday's forecast isn't quite as bad as predicted and there's still room for improvement, if the incoming Atlantic frontal system passes us faster than is presently shown. Weather forecasting, even with the help of  the MetOffice  supercomputer, remains a probability exercise outside of 48 hours but the Sun should be out, even if it's a little wild outside on Margate seafront.

I've seen some Twitter activity that the Harbour Arm is the place to watch the aircraft but I need to warn readers that for obvious safety reasons, the size of the crowd there will be restricted by the lessee  - not TDC - with an entrance fee levied to cover their security costs and so the seafront or even the cliffs at Westbrook for picnicking will present an  ideal spot to view the action and I recommend you visit the council's Big Event information website.

If the weather permits, I'll be in with a sponsor's banner to mark the start on Saturday afternoon, leaving at 13:50 to make way for the memorial flight to roll-in and start the display. My own weather safety tolerances with a large banner in tow, are much less than the larger aircraft and so I'm watching this approaching weather front with more interest than most.

Airfix are giving away two family prize flights as prize in conjuction with KMFM today and tomorrow, Friday, directing people to the Breakfast Show on KMFM and so listen in and you may win a ride!

To leave you, remember Jeremy Clarkson going for a ride in an F15 Eagle and discovering that that it's hard work? Here's the video.


Anonymous said...

Picking up on an earlier exchange, people do not despise your politics. They despise you, and think you're a cunt, because of the type of person you are.

Your comment about Iris Johnston choosing another female as consort is a good example. You were clearly trying to suggest an issue here - no-one asked for the extra information - and must have been gutted when no-one picked up on it.

You are boastful, arrogant, and are a prima facie intellectual snob. You look down on, and and talk down, to people. You are a relentless self-promoter - who cares that you have been to Windsor Castle for example - and also, many suspect, you have embroidered and embellished some of your past achievements. You were caught out over the Royal Marines and to an extent have been caught out over your PhD. You may have submitted an old study and got a PhD from a diploma mill, but that is not how most earn the distinction. The fact that all of your on-line CVs changed after that debacle says it all.

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DrM. said...

Thank you for the comment 2:49 which you may like to rephrase because having called me a "C***t"'s becoming rather a habit... and I can't publish it here.

Anonymous 2:49, I'm afraid you have a very selective memory or you simply make things up to suit your agenda. What you think of me or my politics, given that you are clearly in serious need of professional help, is really of no consequence to me or indeed my readers who have much broader interests.

So I'll take your most recent comment as a cry for help on your part and if you would like me to recommend a really good source of counselling, then please email offline and I will do my best to assist.

Michael Child said...

Simon best of luck with the banner tomorrow, with three major events tomorrow, one in each of the Thanet towns, The Big Event in Margate, The Love Music hate Racism event in Ramsgate and the start of The Dickens Festival in Broadstairs we could certainly do with a nice day.

Anonymous said...

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