Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Not Cricket

Saturday was somewhat disappointing, in that the planned protest flight to the Bristol cricket match was weathered-off, leaving the thousands of Tamil demonstrators outside the ground without their aircraft banner. Instead, I was left with a ferry flight of a freshly-serviced  twin-engine Gulfstream GA7 back from Andrewsfield (Stansted) and another flying marriage proposal on the end of Southend Pier, which were rather less stressful and didn't involve any liaison with the local police.

Yesterday, my all seeing, all knowing 'postie', asked me if I knew about the cannabis farm discovered hidden in plain sight, in Westgate. The answer is is that I didn't but before I share my complete surprise and tell anyone  I  had better confirm the story. The second photograph is of my dog waiting to ambush the postman; the high point of her day!

This morning, amid all the fuss about computer hacking groups in the last week, I see I've a comment in The Observer newspaper.

I'm arguing that the internet is facilitating a "post-modern, crowd-sourced equivalent of The War of the Flea – Robert Taber's influential text on guerrilla warfare. "What the Red Brigades was to the 70s, LulzSec may be to the early 21st century."

There's a little irony attached to this because the Chinese Premier has arrived for trade talks and next month I've been asked to give a talk on what the Chinese are allegedly up to in cyberspace. So on the one hand we are all polite smiles and on the other some commentators would remark we are sitting in the middle of an undeclared conflict between the older and new superpowers that no diplomat wishes to admit.

I see the Chinese Premier has an interest in William Shakespeare and is visiting the Bard's house in Stratford today. I wonder what his favourite play is? The Tempest perhaps? Suggestions from the Shakespearean experts among my readers, with quotes, are welcome!

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