Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Great Day Out in Thanet

From the large crowds packing the seafront from Westbrook to Margate yesterday, clearly the decision to move the 'Big Event' to the heart of the town was a good idea, approved by most if not all the visitors.

It's unfortunate the weather was more than a little unpredictable. It stopped 'The Tigers' parachute display team from jumping and it stopped me too, when just as I departed with the Airfix Airshow banner, a heavy squall forced me back to land and I consequently lost my display slot before the Memorial Flight.

I will be making another attempt to fly this afternoon but the wind, still at 20 kts and weather, without the heavy showers of yesterday, still look a bit iffy for 2pm. However, I now have approval to come in behind the Red Arrows at 17:40 if the wind doesn't drop sufficiently before my slot time after the raft race and as I type this, it's looking increasingly likely that this will be the only option left to me after a very blustery weekend; the last throw of the dice for the end of the day!

All the main Thanet towns have had big tourist events this weekend and Michael Child has put up some photos for the Love Music - Hate Racism, concert in Ramsgate. There's very little doubt that it's put the island on the map and I would like to thank everyone involved in all these events for making so successful. In particular, I would like thank the street cleaning teams who were out late across the island last night doing a fantastic job of clearing up in advance of today's entertainment.

For those of you who missed it first time around, here's the most amount of fun you can possibly have strapped into a cockpit and of course the French know how to do it with style!


1 o'clock Rob said...

We watched down at Westbrook Bay from the safety of the beach hut and gazeebo! The Lanc came right over the top of the cliff as it started its display which was lovely! Quite funny to watch the Tornado playing around in the sun while he waited for the worst of the rain to pass and finished off by a nice pass by the Vulcan with it's noise!

Michael Child said...

Thanks for the plug Simon, it is good to see the local youf getting interested in politics, in fact there was considerable applause from then when it was announced that the teachers would be striking.

I doubt I will make it to the big event today, due to two youthful members of my family dressed like old curiosities and making it quite clear that it is Dickens Week for me today.

Anyway better luck with the banner today.

Anonymous said...

Insane Flying and not a banner in sight !