Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Close Shave

Returning home from Windsor castle last night I narrowly avoided hitting a deer on the M2, while negotiating a dark stretch of motorway before Faversham. It was after midnight and I was the only car, listening to Radio 3 with cruise control engaged when a large shadow loomed-up in front of me. Tugging the steering wheel hard, I missed the frightened animal by a fraction and could have reached out and touched its nose from my driver side window. I hate to think of what the consequences of hitting it might have been.

I had a wander around St George's Chapel at around 11pm and the photo is taken from Catherine of Aragon's private stall overlooking the altar. It's a rather eerie feeling to think one is occupying exactly the same space as a figure from history in a church late at night.

With Ascot week in full swing, the Royal Family are in residence and as I arrived for dinner, there were carriages returning along the long walk and through the castle gates, once again like a living history cameo.

I had a text last night that the Arlington/Tesco planning application had gone through committee. This will now be referred upward to the Secretary of State for final decision but I look forward to reading all about the meeting in tomorrow's fact and fun-filled,  'soaraway' Thanet Gazette!

I had planned a day-off today but already is 10:25 and no chance of escape.

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