Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Your Vote Counts on May 5th

The final hours before the polls open on Thursday and I've dismantled the "Vote No to AV" I flew over David Cameron last week. The entry polls for the referendum are suggestion around a 75% 'No' vote and there's been no request for any final air support in the run-up to the big day.

Meanwhile, Aviva have asked me to fly a giant digital banner over Norwich Football Club to celebrate their promotion, this weekend and I'm racing to have it produced and rushed from the States in time to do it. "The impossible I try and achieve right away but miracles are by appointment only", I told them!

Of course, as the clock ticks away the minutes until May 5th, I'm seeing some rather unusual if not downright outrageous statements from the political opposition, which really show the contrast between the style of the main parties. Leaving aside the local LibDems who are clearly struggling with any viable message whatsoever, Labour has a reputation in the media at large with being 'Economical with the truth' at the best of times and particularly when it comes to the Internet or Twitter or Blogs these days, as you may remember from the Derek Draper, No10 and other scandals before the General Election. However, I read some of their local election materials and I do wonder if 'controlled substances' were involved, in their arriving at some of the more bizarre and over-imaginative local policy messages coming from their leader and other sources.

I do suspect that May 5th will be marked by a great deal of apathy. We've had elections of one kind or another every year for the last four and many people are becoming a little wearied by the sport. Perhaps that's why they should get out and vote or risk seeing an activist and left-wing minority dominating the result, which ultimately, may not be good for Thanet.

A great deal has been achieved over the last twelve months, culminating in the opening of the Turner Contemporary and I'm rather hoping that even more can be achieved in the next four years unless of course local people in some wards, really wish to turn the clock back to welcome back the same familiar, tired and strongly trade-unionised faces that gave us so many of the problems of the past.

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ascu75 aka Don said...

Good luck for tomorrow Simon. I to hope for a good turn out as if we dont vote we have no voice. I must say I am pleased Norwich have gained promotion but am nervous over the last few games of the season in the Premiership regarding those who are in the drop zone, still we have a few more games to see who will be going down those there now may well win the remaining games ......... do you ever see flying pigs whilst up there?