Thursday, May 26, 2011

Westgate's Own Micro Pub

It's wonderful to see new businesses opening in Westgate over the past weeks and while I haven't yet been drawn to have my toes nibbled by specially trained fish at the new Foot Spa parlour in Station road, I did go along to the opening of our first 'Micro-pub' at the Old Bake & Ale House, in a secluded spot between the bookmaker and the Carlton cinema.

This tiny pub stocks local beers, Gadds being popular, ciders and wines mainly from places like Ramsgate, Canterbury and; Chatham and has a website to tell you more.

In fact, writing about it reminds me that I should pop-along for a pint soon so please add your support if you can. The more entrepreneurs we have starting businesses in Westgate the better and meanwhile, I'm off to have a coffee at Fredericks and to find out more about those feet-nibbling fish, as it's far too windy for me to do the flying job scheduled for this morning

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Michael Child said...

Simon I think the problem with this is will they stay, we had a lot of new small businesses open this time last year here in King Street Ramsgate where I trade, nearly all of them failed and now a whole new lot are opening up.

The problem wasn’t, in most cases, that they were bad businesses but much more to do with the shopping environment here, the blame partly being due to various levels of government.

The difficulty for me as a shopkeeper and many others, is mostly to do with the environment in the town shopping centres now, if you don’t understand what I mean, come here on a fine Saturday afternoon with as many other councillors as you like. There is a cuppa in it if you don’t think that would be unethical.

A Saturday afternoon on a fine day used to be our busiest time, now it is one of the quietest and no it isn’t one simple problem, nor is it particularly TDCs fault.

This is a sort of vague summery of the problem; the previous governments no smoking ban pushes all the people who have had a few, out of the pubs onto the street, the pedestrianisation that was never completed to the design doesn’t help, nor does the redesignation of parts of the town centre as not being town centre from a policing point of view, nor do the flats on the ground level. But as I say you really need to experience it for yourself, an experience that could be beneficial when considering the future of Westgate, which is now very similar to how King Street was a few years ago.