Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Small Fire

Two days before the local elections and I suspect that one or two council candidates have their own very firm views on tackling anti-social behaviour! Anyone recognise the chap in the rather dated picture?

A little earlier, I was on the seafront at Westgate when two fire engines screamed past in the direction of West Bay. I followed on foot to discover them parked on the promenade outside the public toilets, where they were busily putting out a small fire. These are of course the same toilets that were vandalised - read trashed - only a few weeks ago, after having been repaired following another attack last season.

Three teenagers were observed running-off and I notified my colleague Cllr Wise to get a repairs crew sent but it all begs a broader question. Who were these teenagers, why weren't they at school and were they in any part responsible for the previous damage to the public toilets which now counts in the many thousands of pounds?

I think some people have their ideas, as I 'm sure do the police but I feel quite certain we haven't heard the least of this, given we've now had several arson incidents in Westgate over the last year and one of these was at an empty house at the end of my own road.

So if you see anything suspicious, the best thing is to call the local police non-urgent  number on 01622 690 690


Anonymous said...

A younger Cllr Bayford?

Anonymous said...

Got to be Tony Flaig