Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Politics Can be a Dirty Business

I was writing a little earlier that politics was an unpleasant business but never thought that I would be the focus of a leaflet campaign in Westgate, the day before the local elections.

Posted through many doors in my ward this afternoon alongside leaflets for local taxis, a prestigious local health club and the animal hospital was a letter with the title: "Do Not Vote For Simon Moores."

I've since been into the council offices to take proper advice but I will share some of the headlines with readers:

Apparently I have admitted on this weblog that I am answerable "Not to the electorate but to the unelected council officials."

It claims that I have "attended less than 20 council meetings" and that I have been" linked to inappropriate websites."

The letter adds that I complain that being a councillor gets in the way of my 'Hobby of flying' and that I'm hiding the truth that the alleged "£2 million annual cost of the Turner Contemporary is paid for from our council tax!"

I could go on with allegations about 'not supporting the Carlton Cinema' or 'fighting against Westwood Cross' but I won't and I'm sure the local media will have their own copies to explore if they feel so inclined.

It's contains very tacky, personal, nasty stuff, designed to damage my prospects in tomorrow's polls and I have an idea of the possible source. This raises questions on electoral law and I've now left this in the hands of council officers to investigate.


Anonymous said...

He who pays the piper calls the tune!

Readit said...

Simon, we may not have similar politics but you certainly do not deserve that.

I hope you and Tom King will be re-elected in Westgate

DrM. said...

Thanks for the support Ken and good luck!

DrM. said...

Sorry, I deleted Stuart's comments about being 'childish' by mistake. If he wants to post it again please do.

I rather thought that what I had written earlier about exaggerated and malicious political rhetoric was supported somewhat by the evidence of this afternoons leaflet drop, don't you?

Michael Child said...

Simon I have said on numerous occasions that if you were standing as a candidate in my ward you would get my vote.

You have attempted during the last four years to do what is well neigh impossible, by that I mean you have tried to communicate as openly as is reasonable in a public forum, while in office as a member of the leading group.

For what it’s worth I consider this to be a move in the right direction towards open government that transcends local party politics.

You really do not deserve some sort of slur campaign for doing this and any support I can offer you are welcome to.

This doesn’t of course mean that I agree with everything you say, but I would go a considerable distance to protect your right to say it.

DrM. said...

Thanks for your support Michael

The sense I have so far is that of ovewhelming support and outrage from local people who have contacted me. Of course many more have not and will of course make their own decisions tomorrow but I remain disappointed at how low politics in Thanet can sink. Mark N had I thought set a new standard but clearly others can push the envelope even further

Anonymous said...

Well the leaflet was put through my door but on its own. None of the other pamplets were with it.

Mind you waste of time as I have a postal vote as I suspect do most of the electors in Westgate.

PS did not vote for you as there was no litrature from your party in my letter box. Schoolboy error.

DrM. said...

Everyone in Westgate should have candidate information with some exceptions being retirement home that resemble Fort Knox and are not accessible! I tried one of these twice now

Obviously you were left out for which i must apologise but by far the great majority of homes will have had a delivery as m orn out shoes will testify

1 o'clock Rob said...

mmmm... some of that reminds me of comments read on certain football forums recently.

Anyway, Michael has said much of what I would have written, I hope that after the election you will still be doing the job and they will have wasted their time and money for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see the difference between a leaflet that says vote for me and one that says do not vote for me.

Surely that is democracy at work or am I just being naive.

Anonymous said...

Sad that politics descends to this level, but digging dirt and, where there is none, inventing it, is par for the course for one political party.

There has already been one MP disqualified for telling porkies about his opponent, so you would think people would learn. Evidently some do not so they must be desperate.

Best of luck, Simon.

Peter Checksfield said...

Very sad. I'm with Michael here, you'd probably get my vote too Simon.

James Maskell said...

As Ive said elsewhere in relation to Payam Tamiz, this is the dark side of politics which Thanet doesnt need. Thanet has enough problems to deal without this. I hope those peddling this are ashamed of themselves. Doubt it though.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this document and do not want to but I do hope that this is not connected in any way with genuine posters on the Margate FC unofficial fans forum. It is not acceptable behaviour whatever anyone's feelings are. I am sorry that you have been subjected to this torrent of abuse.

Ordinary grass roots football supporter.

Anonymous said...

This goes back to the meeting in Westgate to "discuss" the proposed development plans and the effect to the local community they would have.
The atmosphere was hostile and to the point of if you don't agree with the development then you are the enemy.
Being a resident who does not agree one bit with the proposed development I have myself felt the foul end of verbal abuse from supporters of the club,this is just another disgraceful episode of the type of language used....

What they fail to see is that in Simon Moores we at last have a reputable ambassador for keeping things legal and above board, something Thanet Council have never been able to attain in all the time I have lived here.
Standing up for what is right is sometimes hazardous but then they will never understand the concept of doing the right thing.

Good luck Simon, I am sure you will do well, you have a strong and loyal following.

Anonymous said...

I was at that same meeting and thought it was very fairly run by the Councillor acting as Chairperson.
There was certainly a majority of people there who where in favour of the development.
What I cannot understand is why the planning permission conditions do not include the number of years on the lease which seems to be a sensible thing to do.
Why have two consultations about the same subject?

DrM. said...

If the chair had conducted the Westgate meeting properly and perceptively then many of these questions would have been answered. Instead it became a political platform which has soured the atmosphere for no good reason.

I have written a great deal about the detail in posts on this subject over the last two months and there is very little if anything which has not been explained.

The planning permission for a hotel development and the leases on PUBLIC land are two quite separate issues!

Thanet Reaper said...

Beware the Chair if you're anywhere near a trouser press!

Anonymous said...

I think that a fair assessment here would be for elements of both sides of this issue to "grow up and grow some". Just my opinion.