Friday, May 13, 2011

Home Front

I'm back home from Dubai by a few hours and after catching-up with rather too many overnight emails and several flight bookings for the weekend ahead, I'm just about ready to fall into a comatose sleep before I start all over in the morning.

For the irate reader who has complained I may be censoring him by not publishing his overnight comment, I should add that I have been keeping an eye on this 'Blog. from my laptop in the Emirates and I started travelling home at around 2AM our time, which might go some way in explaining the delay, together with Google's unusual 'Friday 13th' Blogger outage which appears to have been resolved only moments ago at 6pm.

Now I'm back, I'm also battling post-election council email to add to the personal stuff, even though I've been trying to manage my different in-boxes while I have been away.. So I hope readers will be patient and forgive me in trying to catch up with business,family,  personal, politics and outstanding calls before I disappear for another four days of flying, which is actually a job, rather than a hobby; contrary to what I've seen written elsewhere.

At least it's pleasantly cooler here than the 38 degrees in Dubai. I did notice for the first time that Chinese tourists are now far more visible there than ever before, illustrating only too well how the economic balance of power is shifting towards Asia.

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Readit said...

My apologies Simon, my comment was two days old, not overnight but I had no idea that blogger was off the air. It seems that many comments are now missing on both your blog and Thanetonline.