Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Down Time

I was supposed to 'drop-in' on the Home Secretary at Bournemouth about now but the weather on the South coast has other ideas. So I'm back at home catching-up on a week's overdue paperwork and associated business and political housekeeping tasks.

The Bournemouth banner flight was actually for the Police Federation conference and so for once, rather than worrying about a police helicopter getting in the way, I would have had an escort, in contrast to what sometimes happens around football stadiums!

Sky Sports were on a little earlier asking for a banner around Twickenham on Saturday, without realising that it sits right on the final approach to Heathrow's RW27 and you can see the stadium out of the window just before landing. Somehow I think I wouldn't be very popular if I popped up there unexpectedly!

As an observation, there seems to be unusual Spitfire activity this week. On Monday, the memorial flight zipped across my nose near Canterbury and yesterday, when I was doing a display near Winchester, another dashed past me at Popham, once again on the way to Manston, the pilot said, so I wonder what's up.

As you might expect, there's a great deal of talk surrounding the future of local politics in advance of tomorrow night's council meeting and reading through some of our local blogs, I see that wildly speculative rubbish isn't in short supply. I would expect a packed public gallery in the council chamber tomorrow evening, as people arrive to see what takes place; so best get your seat early, I will.


Readit said...

Will you be flying over Margate with a "YES to Proportional Representation" Banner, tomorrow evening? Simon.

DrM. said...

So cruel Ken!