Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mystery Fire

The last Cabinet meeting of the present administration, with elections being held in a week's time and getting to the council offices proved a bit of a challenge, with one of our neighbouring buildings being ablaze.

Observant readers will notice that the burning building is adjacent to another building which also caught fire in mysterious circumstances a couple of years ago.

I really can't say anymore but I will be watching comments very carefully to ensure they are in the best possible taste and not in any way libellous!


1 o'clock Rob said...

A friend took lots of photos of the fire and crews tackling it, such a shame.

Simon any chance you can find out why the burnt out house next door has sat unrepaired for almost 3 years given the compulsary purchase order?

These Georgian properties are part of Thanets heritage and owners should be forced to ensure they are properly maintained.

DrM. said...

I could ask Rob but I suspect I know the answer.

In a much broader sense a CPO can be a slow and deeply frustrating process once the lawyers become involved. Often and where a canny property owner or developer is involved, this can become a version of the 'shell game' where the council has to discover who actually owns the building, particularly if several individuals of a company is involved.

It can drive you crazy but the process is of course one of law.

Anonymous said...

After a painstaking long process, the Compulsory Purchase papers were prepared many months ago and the budget was approved by Cabinet last winter.
The file has been sitting on someone's desk ready to be served for months now. TDC simply do not want to take the responsibility. They are more interested in getting rid of the Museum, the Caves and other "assets" than protecting our heritage.

DrM. said...

Rubbish! Just because something is approved doesn't mean it can't be resisted in court. There are properties all over the island which are the subject of long-running CPO battles.

Unlike Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, I can't simply appear outside a building, point at it and then take it into public ownership to waves of popular applause!

I would also remind you that simply applying the much needed running repairs to our rich portfolio of heritage buildings would cost in the region of £11 million which we don't have.

So do exercise a little common sense!

Anonymous said...

no link to scenic railway?

Anonymous said...

where's our pride gone.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
RUBBISH! Well, it is now.
How can it be that two buildings right next to each other, burn out 3 years apart?
Is it the JG influence doing overtime in Thanet.
Watch out, High Street next!

Anonymous said...

Wonder which MFC supporter it was ?