Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Manifesto Time

It's the turn, this week of the Thanet Conservatives to launch their manifesto for the May 5th elections and it can be found on the Group's website at www.thanetconservatives.com .

Readers may have noticed that the different parties political manifestos have been appearing on a weekly basis to coincide with the local paper and the Conservative one is rather longer on detail than the curious collection of rather confused and uncosted aspirations that I've seen from others; frequently confusing county and local responsibilities or like Labour, a snappy commitment to reduce the number of sitting councillors which may seem like a good idea to the public but which isn't in their gift. In fact, it also exists in the Conservative manifesto but with the longer process involving the Electoral Commission, explained.

I'm sure that some readers will be pouring through the detail of the Conservative Group manifesto and so I will leave them to draw their own conclusions in regard to which of the parties is best able to take Thanet forward in difficult times.

I've a photo detail to do over central London today along the Old Kent Road, I have to get a special flight number and use a twin-engine aircraft for this and so I'll try and capture some shots of Westminster Abbey to share with you when I'm finished, the Royal Wedding being less than two weeks away.

Meanwhile, here's one of Canterbury Cathedral to be getting on with!


Michael Child said...

Hi Simon, nice picture, there is a bug on the new Conservative website that this link takes you to, I haven’t emailed you about this as you asked me not to.

When you try to sign up to the site using Internet Explorer the site goes into some sort of a loop, retuning error on page and attempting to take you to the you have joined the site page.

After all this I tried Google Chrome and found that I had successfully signed up, so the bug must occur after this stage. I didn’t want to further experiment as it would have meant trying to join again using a different username and thought if I did this the spam controls could block my ip address.

DrM. said...

Thank you Michael

I don't seem to have a problem and so if anyone else complains I will look into it.

Michael Child said...

Thanks Simon, as this only happens when you join the site (and probably with IE that is a bit inclined to these sort of antics) and not when you have joined it isn’t something you can test once you are a member.

If anyone goes to check it out I was using IE8, which is what most people use, it wasn’t set in compatibility mode which possibly would have corrected the issue if it was caused by using old webwriting software, which is my best guess as to what is causing the issue.

As it is I would say that Mr Average joining the site will be left with his web browser flickering, possibly not the impression you wish to give at the moment.

Readit said...

Published "Shaping our Future" at last then Simon.