Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inside Out

Unless you remembered to mark your F-14 Tomcat calendar, it could've easily slipped your mind that this spring marks the 25th anniversary of the best acting-is-easier-in-a-cockpit movie of all time: Top Gun.

I recall I was in Hawaii, all those years ago when the movie first started screening and one day, driving down to the beach at Honolulu, I saw a formation of F14s performing a 'Missing Man' display over the base at Pearl Harbour to mark the tragic death of astronaut, Ellison Onizuka in the Space Shuttle Challenger. He is buried at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.

Watching the latest incarnation of 'Hawaii 50' now showing on Sky television, it looks as if the island has changed rather alot since I was last there.

So the month of May is almost upon us, with a frantic political leap into the unknown with local elections and a referendum on AV, followed by the first airshow of the season at Abingdon next weekend and then another 'gig' in Dubai; in and out in a little over 48 hours, with just enough time to recall that 35 degree + outside temperatures don't mix well with hotel air-conditioning at a near freezing 15 degrees. This time I will take the Lemsip with me.

Abingdon has managed to secure the first fly past from the restored Vulcan bomber, the OV-10 Bronco which you may sometimes see parked at Manston, the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the small team that I'm a member of.

Back here in Thanet and Margate, we'll have our own 'Big Day' pretty soon but I don't think I can mention the programme or the plans, with any detail until after next week's election.

Think I'll take a wander over to the Margate Harbour Arm and see how busy it is now the first wave of excitement over the opening of the Turner Contemporary has settled down a little.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
Is there any chance that Thanet can also secure a display by the Vulcan ?
Of all the aircraft flying in displays around the country this is "THE ONE" that truly brings a show alive.
The BBF are a true gem but what a diamond having the Vulcan at Thanet it would be.

DrM. said...

Work in progress so watch this space!