Wednesday, April 06, 2011

From Red to Blue

While I see that our two new blogging LibDem candidates have attracted the skeletal attention of the Thanet Reaper, it's still relatively quiet among the two major parties as both prepare for the 'Big-Push' over the next four weeks.

I've received a personally addressed invitation from Ed Miliband, a cunningly concealed Labour Party political policy flyer promoting 'Fresh Ideas' for Britain, which I thought was quite clever this side of the district elections and I wonder how many others in Thanet had a copy. I suspect that it may be walking a very fine line on election communications and the expenses involved but I'm sure Ed's had the best possible advice on the subject. In fact, it's so good, I'm tempted to take it to the local printer and have a thousand copies of my own run off, now I have scanned a copy and photoshopped Labour red into Conservative blue! After all, the policies seem familiar!

What may really prove interesting and lively is the subject of the airport. Labour have now drawn a line in the sand and made a commitment against any night flying at the airport in advance of any local consultation process, which until recently they were supporting. So it may well be that a part of the local election decision hangs on the future of Manston airport or indeed whether the people of Thanet are prepared to see it close in the absence of any accommodation by Labour to let people have their say on the matter and allow any flights in and out in the night hours period.

I won't add anymore on this as I'm sure you'll be reading longer and more cogent arguments in the weeks ahead. I wonder what the LibDems think?


Disenchanted said...

Interestingly, my two new voter daughters got a flyer through the post from Ed the Red with all that he is going to do for students. Remind me again, which party introduced tuition fees, stopped student grants and ended the assisted places scheme. Surely it wasn't the great social mobility supporting LABOUR PARTY!!

How short are the memories of politicians and how condescending to think ours are the same.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I was going Conservative, but since they devalued the Fuel Allowance for the OAP's, who's ranks I join this year - they can get stuffed!
I might vote Labour, for I certainly won't vote LibDemCon.
Good Luck to one and all!