Friday, April 08, 2011

A Dark Force in Politics

I see that Twitter is agog with news that Big Brother's 'Nasty Nick' may be opening a private members club in the old Constitution Building in Margate. (You can read the e-edition here)

Some may recall that this appeared on the Blogs some weeks ago when Cllr Mark Nottingham wrote that after council meetings, Conservatives were reportedly taking plates stacked high with sandwiches across the road to the so-called Conservative Club, which is in fact the Constitutional Club opposite the council. I think this story died a quick death, along with Cllr Nottingham's own political career with the Thanet Labour Group. They now seem now to have their own blogger, The Thanet Reaper, who this morning, even has a mention in the Thanet Gazette's 'Smudger'. The Gazette's editor seems convinced that this new 'Dark' force in local online politics is somehow connected with Labour leader, Clive Hart but I really think it's too early to say as the 'The Reaper' only writes intermittently and has yet to 'have a go' at any other party other than the LibDems, who so far, appear to offer more than enough material for his cruel satire with their choice of candidates. One can only wonder who may be the next political victim of his skeletal claw!?

Wandering among the other Parties manifestos, other than being kind to trees, committed to dealing harshly with dog-fouling and demanding that councillors be CRB-checked, I do wonder where the real policy substance is? Almost a quarter of the children in Thanet live in poverty and we have some of biggest challenges in England to deal with in regard to health and education outcomes among parts of our population in specific areas of the island. The Party that wins the local elections in May, will have to manage some of the greatest financial challenges in generations, as well as the opportunities that projects such as Turner bring to Thanet in terms of prospects for regeneration and change.

Let's not forget that Official figures, from the Office for National Statistics, show the total public sector debt left by the last Labour Government is estimated to equal to £33,100 per household. This doesn't take into account a reported unfunded public pension liability of £1 trillion. So, a series of rather shallow promises may be good for Twitter-length soundbytes of 140 characters but a little detail on budgets or indeed, Labour's own views on local government 'Cuts' would be useful, hidden carefully as they are behind trees and caves and other more locally focussed issues.


Bluenote said...

Agree with you about the Thanet Reaper, Simon. Unless he is Will Scobie I think he has a bit too much literary wit to be any of the other Labour team in Thanet.

As to policy and plans, well there certainly seems to be a real shortage of substance. Mainly it is about critcising everything anyone else has done, or even might do, and claiming credit for the good things that were achieved by spending hobbles of money we did not have.

It is the lack of grasp of the realities of our position that I find most frightening. Still from the Shadow Chancellor down to the local Labour activist, there is almost complete denial not just of the state we are in but who was responsible.

I suppose if you say things often enough you finish up believing them. Then, of course, you become incable of solving anything.

Readit said...

One would be tempted to ask "where are the Conservative party policies?"

Anonymous said...

Ken, do you mean policies or simply a wish list like that of Labour?

DrM. said...

The manifesto should be online soon. It's quite long and detailed rather than a short on detail, 'back of a cigarette paper' of uncosted exercises as published by Labour.

Michael Child said...

I hope whoever wrote it has disabled predictive text.

DrM. said...

Best not write it on an iPad then!