Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brighton - A View of the Marathon 2011

Back home from an hour sitting over the start of this year's Brighton Marathon. It's a little warmer and sunnier on the southern side of the country and I wonder what any visiting alien might make of all the thousands of people running up and down the Brighton seafront a real feat of endurance in this fine weather?  I don't envy them, having experienced the real pain of long-distance running  in hot sunshine and with little cooling wind when I was younger. There's an old episode of National Geographic TV's, 'Running the Distance', which shows me rather worse for wear in one race.

This week I've two days of away training with the GliderFX display team in preparation for the season ahead and somewhere in between, it's the opening of the Turner Contemporary and of course more deliveries of political material, as the May 5th local election will soon be rapidly upon us. I'm sure that well before then, many of our most avid local blog readers will be quite sick of politics but it will be interesting to see how public opinion has been shaped by coalition Government policies and the truth of how the Treasury was ransacked by the previous Government.


Readit said...

Sick of politics already Simon?, far from it, us on the sunny side would love to hear your views on 6 million passengers at Manston, Parkway Station, China gateway 2 & 3 and where you propose to put 7500 new houses.

DrM. said...

Sorry Ken i don't do special requests but if your garden is large enough then its kind of you to volunteer in such a public spirited manner!

Readit said...

Simon, glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour in these trying times.

And thanks for getting the Turner advertised on TDC website.