Thursday, April 21, 2011

20 Minuters

A full council meeting to prepare for this evening and on the agenda, Margate Football Club will be presenting their petition in contrast with an earlier petition presented by the Friends of Hartsdown Park.

Out and about canvassing and I'm struck by the confusion that surrounds local, county and national politics. I had one couple give me a lecture on our involvement in Libya which they believed was draining money from the NHS and another gentlemen with strong opinions on barricading the promenade against cyclists. On the former, I can't really comment because Libya is not a local issue and on the latter, if we were to block off areas of the promenade from cyclists, then families with 'buggies' would also be affected. I take his point though.

The postman just delivered my CAA airshow display license, which is quite a big thing if you happen to be a pilot. I suppose I've now joined the ranks of the 20-minuters' and last week, working out of Shuttleworth, I had a chance to wander around the vintage aircraft museum and admire the collection of World War I aircraft on display, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Triplane, SE5A, Bristol Fighter and many others, including some of the earliest aircraft to fly. Those early aviators had more courage than I can possibly imagine and when you consider that almost half the Royal Flying Corps pilots were killed or injured in training before they ever transferred to active service in France, admiration for their skills simply isn't enough!

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Michael Child said...

Wonderful collection Shuttleworth Simon the R101 remains (it’s near Cardington where the airship was based) stand out as a beacon as to why civil servants should have some sort independent scrutiny and politicians should know their limitations, don’t you think?

Sincere congratulations on the license, I was marginally involved in the TV series Wings and found the atmosphere at Old Warden Aerodrome very pleasant, I hope it still is.

Don’t be too harsh on public ignorance, it aint so long ago you were bemoaning increase on your poll tax that local projects would have, I think at the time the poll tax had been abandoned for a while.

Peoples perception of government is often that it is all just one huge homogenous lump and anyone part of it must be claiming huge expenses, guaranteed a massive pension and basically responsible for everything from poll tax to flogging the Ark Royal and scrapping the associated aircraft.