Sunday, March 27, 2011

Talking of Twitter

Staying with Twitter,  I noticed earlier footage on Sky News, a clip of USAF A10 Thunderbolt ground attack aircraft at Aviano Airbase in Italy. It's not unusual for Sky to miss the 'Bleeding obvious' in their coverage and at the start of the Libya fighting, I had to ring-in to the newsroom - I used to work there in 2000 - 2003 - and tell them they were repeating footage of a man kicking an artillery shell and subsequently blowing himself into small pieces, just off camera.

This time I couldn't help remarking that the apparent arrival of A10's marked an interesting escalation from "No Fly" to 'Ground attack' in its deadliest form and 'Tweeted' it out. I rather hope that Sky hasn't used archive footage from somewhere without thinking about what's in the picture, as this now appears to be encouraging observers all the way to Libya! However more reports/Tweets seem to confirm that A10's have arrived from somewhere and I wonder if they have come in from Lakenheath?

Quite old now as a reformed Cold War tank-buster and as  ugly as sin, the A10 remains one of my favourite aircraft. Should the NATO coalition intends to deploy it against Gaddafi's forces, then the best advice one could possibly give the mad Colonel's men, is to step well away from any armoured vehicles, dig a very deep hold and hide in it!


Tony Beachcomber said...

I saw one of those tank busters many years ago, it is more like a flying gun and is very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Can you clarify the position regarding Margate Football Club, which if reports are correct, now do not have to re apply for a material change in their planning approval which has also meant that a public consultation is now not required.

DrM. said...

Beyond tbe council's formal processing of the Margate FC application and a second meeting with the club scheduled to take place early in april, I am not aware of any changes or indeed anything to announce

If you are referring to Cllr Johnstons letter in the Thanet Gazette, then I read it with some surprise verging on amusement. Anyone might think we were close to an election!

Anonymous said...

Quite, I along with many hundreds of others would find it unbelievable if it was to be formally announced that the council had decided to not persue the need for a new application.
After all, the meeting held at Westgate pavillion was centred around the very issue of the further requirement to re apply and the opportunity for public consultation.
Local elections or not, I for one am certainly hoping that the correct process is followed to the letter, the unbelievable pantomime of democracy acted out by certain members of council so far is less than amiusing and bordering on nothing more than an insult.

I would be grateful Simon, if you could keep this matter "live" as there are an enourmous amount of local people waiting for the consultation and unlike those that joined the petition from MFC, none of themn live in Birmingham !!!

Bill Richards said...

Quite how a post on tank busters gets twisted round to MFC beats me. Mind you, with Iris doing her usual misinformation act through the local media anything is possible I guess.

Where the A10 would be handy would be if MFC went ahead with their plans without proper consent and public consultation.