Sunday, March 06, 2011

No Fishy Stories

Quite a productive past week, with what I thought were positive meetings with both Margate Football Club and the 'Friends of Margate Caves'. I'm reminded of the BT slogan, 'It's good to talk', and illustrates what I've written in many entries here before, that the best way to explore a challenge, however difficult, is to sit down and discuss it with a clear understanding of what the problems or objections actually are, as opposed to what lots of often partisan observers might think they are.

The local blogosphere has been lighting-up this weekend, not so much with talk of beached whales but a new entry on the scene, the 'Thanet Reaper.' The anonymous author has a clear political bent and in style is somewhat reminiscent of Eastcliff Richard. However, with only a couple of entries, I remain to be convinced that this may be ECR's resurrection from the barrel of cement, he allegedly now occupies, courtesy of an offended local businessman.

With an election only weeks away, I suspect it won't be long until I find myself back in the political firing line but from past experience that goes with the territory!

Not only have Premier League footballers been sighted viewing properties in Ramsgate, like two Olympian gods come to earth, but in my earlier entry, I mentioned the 'Margate revival' and the buzz around the Old Town and the opening of the Turner Contemporary continues. The good feeling and sense of optimism that suddenly surrounds the area between the High Street and the new gallery is almost palpable and that can only be good for Thanet, in a year which forecast that a third of the UK population be holidaying at home; Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, the Island of Jerba (where I once worked)  and other destinations be among those out of the picture. Let's all hope for a hot summer then!


Marty said...

Lets hope it will be a warm summer Simon. The winter has been pretty cold. I did enjoys the sparkling blue sky this morning as I drove to Sheerness this morning.
Premier footballers in Ramsgate eh! Hmmmmm No chance you'll reveal who they were then?
All politicians get in the firing line. More so local one I tend to think. Good luck with that.

DrM. said...

Front page of the local paper. Cheryl Cole or was that her ex husband? I get confused.