Sunday, March 13, 2011

High Tide

Watching what's happening over in Japan and the aftermath of the earthquake and the Tsunami that followed, other local worries seem extravagant by comparison.

It's only a few years since the public at large witnessed the devastation caused by the aftermath of the Indonesian Tsunami and on this occasion, I turned-on the TV at breakfast on Friday to watch the waves rolling in on the Japanese coastline. I remarked to my wife that in the length of recorded history, we are the first people to watch the catastrophe unfolding without being counted among its thousands of victims.

Ten thousand years ago after the last Ice Age, something similar happened along our coastline and you may have seen the Tony Robinson documentary on 'Dogger Land' on Television but thankfully its not something we need to worry about today.

Before the Indonesian Tsunami, people who didn't know better would see the tide receding suddenly and walk out to have a look at what was happening,only to be overwhelmed by the giant wave that followed. Thanks to television and the pictures we saw from the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka, I very much doubt that anyone would ever do that again.

Watching the footage of the moment the wave hit one of the towns, I'm sure that everyone's sympathies and prayers are with the people  and communities of North-east Japan.


ascu75 aka Don said...

Simon you are right by comparison our troubles are non existant. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected.

Bluenote said...

The awsome power of nature and the magnitude of this disaster defy description. Does leave one offering little but sympathy and prayers, but hopefully we as a nation will offer more tangible and substantial help as needed in due course.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that no-one has come up with a comment that the Japanese are evil at heart and deserve everything they get after their wartime atrocities against the Allies and their own neighbours the Chinese and their refusal even now to admit or apologise for what they did.
While I am of a somewhat more forgiving nature than someone with those views I fully expected to see this point of view in print or on the net.