Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few Minutes to Spare

If there was any doubt about the arrival of spring, then today puts the memory of a harsh winter behind us. Mind you, this being Thanet, with it's own distinctive micro climate, it could yet  be snowing again in time for Easter! I notice that the two seagulls who normally raise their chicks between the chimney pots opposite, appear to be settling-in for the months ahead.

All the paperwork is now through for the coming local elections and so I guess the race starts now. Council candidates will now that everything has to be completed in minute and accurate detail or risk being thrown out by the Democratic Services officers. In any event, I'm sure we'll be in for an interesting time ahead as people decide whether they want to join two other countries on the planet and change their voting to AV or not and perhaps more importantly from a local perspective, which Party or Group is best placed to direct the future of the island for the next four years.

When I read comments encouraging people to vote 'Independent', I say that's all well and fine but in a place like Thanet, I would argue that it simply weakens one party or another, much like the pattern of voting that delivered the coalition Government we have today. We are all facing a difficult few years ahead as central Government seeks to manage the massive debt left by Gordon Brown and his colleagues. Who the public believe is best placed to make the decisions that will determine our local future will be decided in May and I hope that the turnout will be better than presently expected. Anyone wishing to help me here in Westgate, do please get in touch as all volunteers are welcome.

Elsewhere on our local blogs, I see the very acrimonious cloud of  dust is slow in settling at the 'Comrades Club' as the Thanet Labour Group, with Cllr Clive Hart remaining as opposition Leader and Cllr Mark Nottingham reportedly suspended from the Party for two months. This, I assume, removes him  from the political board as a piece in the forthcoming local elections, unless of course he plans to run as an independent 'Local Labour' candidate. I'm sure that someone will correct me either way!

The new player in the local 'Blogosphere' the Thanet Reaper, appears to be causing some waves of his own and the conspiracy theorists are trying to connect him with Clive Hart in some way. I'm not so sure about that myself and I think he's just got a bizarre sense of humour, loosely following the style of the suddenly deceased Eastcliff Richard. This week in particular, he reveals Big News Margate's, Tony Flaig, as an eccentric member of the aristocracy and so Heaven knows what he's going to come-up with next.

Time to fix my bicycle I think!


Tony Beachcomber said...

ECR is still about alive and kicking on facebook.

Anonymous said...

and hes got lots of friends there

Peter Checksfield said...

Come & join us Simon (you have just under 7 weeks to get in shape!)...

Anonymous said...

"When I read comments encouraging people to vote 'Independent', I say that's all well and fine but in a place like Thanet, I would argue that it simply weakens one party or another,"

Local you should vote for the best person for the good of the community whether they be independent or from one of the national parties.

My vote will go for the candidate who has proved to me what is the best for my area and track records of sitting councillors can work for or against them on election day.

DrM. said...

It's a good point but independents have very little influence on policy or local delivery unless they make up a large or pivotal group which isn't the case here in Thanet.

Bill Richards said...

The last two comments highlight the tragedy that was the introduction of politics into local government. Oh for the time when good people from the butcher to the candlestick maker gave of their services for free to their communities.

Sadly, the introduction of political labels by Labour forced everyone else to follow suit thus dividing local councils into opposing groups instead of working together.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, I wish you well with your campaign, Simon. May it be clean and without snide inuendo all round. It will indeed be interesting to see if Mark Nottingham stands as an independent. By the sound of things he could do well in his ward though perhaps his longer term Labour ambitions might make such course risky.