Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Switching Sides

I was busy 'Tweeting' along with the BBC Radio Kent programme on Pfizer this morning. What was interesting was how presenter, Julia George was picking-up some of my remarks and I was able to tell them that council leader, Bob Bayford, KCC's Paul Carter and our two MPs were on their way to Westminster to meet with the Minister at lunchtime today. They will discuss the way forward in encouraging inward investment and protecting our local economy as best we can, from the harsh impact of yesterday's shock announcement.

Not to be outdone, I did notice  that Tony Flaig was also 'Tweeting', attempting to direct the BBC's attention in a 'plug' of his 'Biggest' weblog but clearly without much luck. We can be sure however that this story will be running for a long time yet and so I'm sure there will be plenty of room for comment from all sides.

Yesterday, in a strange piece of irony, one of our Trades Unions leaders offered to sponsor me as a Labour candidate. It was a bit embrassing, as I know him well but have never mentioned that I was a 'political' animal before and had to confess that I'm actually a Conservative cabinet member here in Thanet. So the Labour Party is safe for now and without holding it against me, he wrote "When you have had enough of Cameron and Osborne come and see me."

So If Clive Hart is listening, he might yet have another and rather unexpected rival for Leader of the Labour Group other than Cllr Nottingham but not this year at least!!!


Bluenote said...

Simon, what ever would you do for intellectual stimulus amongst Thanet's Labour group. Likewise, I cannot really see shouting and blustering in the council chamber being quite your style. Mind you, you could emulate Tony Blair and finish up as Labour Prime Minister for there is not much competition around (see recent Labour leadership election).

tony flaig bignews said...

Of course plugging your own blog wouldn't be the reason you were tweeting, just who do you think you're kidding apart from yourself. You must have mentioned your blog?

I tweeted just purely for balance of course promoting your own blog as they did favoured your rather gung ho political view, which seems to go large on you "working on the official press release"

Whilst the boy scout attitude is rather touching in someone in their mid fifties, at the same time it can be incredibly tiresome.

Comeing back to balance, my posting on the subject was balanced with points from the main players Pfizer, TDC, KCC, and independant thinkers like Matt B who first pointed out that there may be a significant number of contractors working on the site who have not been taken into account in the headline figure of 2400, something which I tried to establish with Pfizer press office, who were unable to assist.

DrM. said...

Of course you did Tony but then they may have been looking for better informed opinion. Keep-up!!

What have you got against the scouting movement I wonder, as you keep using the same expression. What exactly do you mean by Boy Scout attitude? Is it an insult or simply one more throw-away comment without any thought of implication?

Anonymous said...

Now now ladies come on get back to the subject in hand and not start the "handbags" again !!!!

It's good to see that the blog sites are active and everyone is expressing themselves almost united in that the parties have to come together and start acting like adults.
Perhaps you two should remember this before you start the tit for tat again..... heads up boys the clock is ticking..

DrM. said...

I thought I was being quite restrained!

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Why not turn the building into a Retail Shopping Centre, like Bluewater....
all under cover, loads of parking spaces, tunnels between buildings... all there!
Just knock a few walls down to get the required floor spaces.
NO, don't tell me, I'm brilliant, I know!

Anonymous said...

Now there is an idea, albeit that its yet again in the service sector but then who cares as long as it's long term jobs and security.

Only one issue really is the fact of the contaminated land, but then Pfizer should be made to clear up before they leave.
Just think how many art galleries you could get at the sandwich site!! after all that is the way forward.... just ask TDC

Readit said...

Why not join the INDEPENENTS and do something useful for THANET? Unless you see yourself as our next "blue leader"

DrM. said...

I think you may mean the "Independents", all two of them!

That would be a really clever move then; join the 'Popular Front' or is it 'The People's Front?'

I'm not sure That I could achieve anything useful with two or even three votes in council!

Anonymous said...

He's not the mesiah, He's a very naughty boy !!!

Just ask yourself the question: what have the TDC ever done for us... irrigation, aqauduct, roads...... Hail o' Simon for he is the chosen one !!!

Andrew said...

1129 is right. Pfizers must not be allowed to leave until the whole site has been certified as fully decontaminated.