Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Right Turn

It's a grey and rather miserable Sunday morning and while on the one hand, I'm trying to pull-off a banner for the birthday celebrations of Guru Ravidass over Wolverhampton, there's the Westbrook Undercliff Nature Park volunteers day starting at noon at Barnes Avenue car park, which I will be attending to add moral support for an excellent community-driven project. The former event, I'm told is expecting many thousands of people and I'm hoping for an equally good turnout for the latter is the rain holds off.

I see that the Thanet Gazette's Saul Leese has posted a video of the flight I took him on around Manston in order to demonstrate that a departing 747 on RW10 didn't really have the space to make a sharp, ninety degree right turn before Nethercourt, to avoid overflying any part of Ramsgate.

Meanwhile, I wait with excited anticipation for the Royal Wedding invitation to drop through my door on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could do an aeriel view of Thanet to show what a great place this is. This might just show those parts of our society that it really is worth fighting for.
Manston especially needs to become a cherished asset, how many District council's can boast having such an amazing assett right on their doorstep. Richard Branson and Virgin Cargo should be wined and dined to death until they agree to set up shop here!

DrM. said...

You can view hundreds of aerial photos by choosing the sidebar link and I even did a book, 'Thanet from the Air' which is available from Michael's bookshop or Amazon

Anonymous said...

1352 obviously doesn't live on Nethercourt!
All this shows is that it's plain crazy to be bringing 747s in here for 18 hours a day, every day. If Simon in his little whatever-the-slang-for-little-airplanes is can't avoid Ramsgate any pretense that jumbos can is obviously nonsense and it's time that everyone stopped pretending otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Remmber when the RAF were at Manston and we had Tornado's taking off at full throttle EVERY DAY AND NIGHT, no one moaned then. Nowadays you cannot hardly hear the jets as they come in, if anything they make the place look more interesting !!!!

The answer, like at Heathrow/Gatwick, is very simple, if you do not like aircraft, dont buy a house under an existing flight path.
Manston must be helped to succeed, as Gatwick was to Crawley, it would transform the fortunes of Thanet overnight if it was just given the right backing and support.
Simon, you trying to save some cash by not touching down in this one.....

DrM. said...

Quite right.. keep the wheels off the runway to save the credit card!