Saturday, February 05, 2011

In Caverna

I was out at the Margate Caves this morning for a BBC South-east news interview with Sarah Smith; the sister of the former Home Secretary no less. Labour councillors, Iris Johnston and John Watkins were also present and although the package was scheduled for 4:30 this afternoon before the rugby game, it didn't appear, so either something more important took its place or its exciting enough to hold over until Monday, when I think ITV Meridian may be running theirs as well.

I think that between us all there's a consensus that the money to re-open the caves simply isn't there at present but that doesn't mean that party politics aside, we aren't encouraging anyone with a business proposition to come and talk. The BBC's Sarah Smith recognised that with the Turner Contemporary opening very soon, there are great prospects for Margate's tourism economy in the future, particularly with the revival of the domestic market, given the strength of the Euro and so perhaps one day we'll all return to the same spot with a happier story to tell.

Meanwhile, I understand that the very public Hart vs Nottingham dispute has been referred to a higher authority, possibly Labour's National Executive Committee, after the Group's Thursday night meeting, so despite his threat to resign, Clive Hart remains firmly in situ and the story of so-called 'Dark deeds in Northwood' will run for a little longer if you'll forgive the awful pun.

Valentine's Day being just around the corner, I'm already taking unusual bookings for the 14th February. I've two aircraft to get up in formation for a company around Manchester and even had the daytime TV programme, 'Loose Women' wanting a proposal stunt over their studio in London. Unfortunately I can't operate over Central London; the authorities get a little nervous about such things and it's equally difficult, said the producer, to persuade such loose women to leave a warm studio and arrange it further out of town, so they'll have to do without!

In consolation, I was quite honoured however to be included in the gliderFX display team for the coming season. My flying is relatively modest by comparison with the experts as you'll see from one of their airshow videos and close to the ground I prefer to fly with my eyes closed!


Elliott Marsh said...

Fantastic! I've seen Guy and the team (under the Swift Team guise) flying many a time, they always put on a cracking performance. Haven't caught the twilight show yet - hopefully that will change this year, they look fantastic. Always good to see something different on the airshow circuit.

Will you be flying the Pawnee in the banner towing role exclusively, or will you be flying one of the Twisters too?


DrM. said...

Possibly the Pawnee from our last conversation. Guy came up with me a couple of weeks ago and then disappeared off on a long haul to OZ and we haven't caught up yet.