Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Funny Valentine

An unusual Valentine's Day job yesterday with a flight over Sittingbourne, (photo montage by Jim Bennett). I'm still not entirely certain what it was for but I did put the Kentish Gazette, who called me when I landed, in touch with the sponsor.

Sittingbourne being a relatively small town, I can honestly say that in a sixty minute flight, if anyone didn't see the banner message, they were most probably asleep!

Once I'd finished there I had to take the aircraft down to the maintenance facility near Brighton for its annual service; a painfully expensive exercise at the best of times.

Where a garage normally offers one a 'loan' car for the same thing, I was given a loan aircraft to fly home again. As the one I was given was much newer, faster and higher spec than my own I was able to delight in the built-in 'toys', set the GPS for home (EGHB seen on the display) ,engage the autopilot after take-off and enjoy the passing scenery far below me. You can see from the phone camera photo, that among other details, the aircraft is at 3,000 feet, the Manston beacon NDB is set at 347. Lydd's VOR at 114.05 and that with 38 miles to run, I'm in radio contact with Farnborough Radar on 123.225. Unlike my aircraft which has two of them with different views, there are no moving maps.

I did notice today that a very large hole is being dug in the golf course at Westgate. Is this I wonder part of a cunning plan to move the Margate caves to a new home or simply a very deep bunker or should I say hazard? Fall in there and you won't be getting out in a hurry!


Michael Child said...

Nice one Simon, have you ever made a spelling mistake on one of these banners?

DrM. said...

To my embarrassment "Yes"

It's always dangerous being interrupted when making up a banner!

Andrew said...

I shudder to think!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be using you mobile phone while driving!