Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Big Society at its Best

I've just come back in from a cold and damp under cliff at Westbrook where I was both impressed and delighted to see so many volunteers out clearing the ground for planting. Well done Tony Sykes and Paul Pearce (pictured with me) and everyone involved because without a doubt, this type of initiative shows-off the concept of the 'Big Society' at its best, as a community comes together to achieve a common purpose.

I've added some photos and hear I only just missed Mayor of Margate, Mick Tomlinson but bumped into Cllr Bert McAstree, who arrived with a car full of soft drinks and nibblies to distribute to the hungry at his own expense. The group were already  pretty well organised with their own mobile canteen to cater for the hungry but I'm sure appetites will grow as the afternoon passes!

What this successful local project does illustrate, is that if a community has a plan and a purpose which involves council land, then my door is always open to ideas and initiative of this kind, even, if there is no council money directly available in these challenging times.


Michael Child said...

Good to see this Simon and I hope there will be more of these projects in Thanet, the council certainly have plenty of vacant lots.

I notice that you are getting the same problem as I am with the some of the pictures on your blog, that is if you are using Internet Explorer, when you click on them to expand them, you get the message. “This website has been reported as unsafe” Any ideas what to do about this, I think it is the latest in alternative to computer viruses, reporting major sites as malicious that is – in this case to Microsoft. Of course it could be justified as it is possible to put a virus in an image code, as I imagine you know. But working on that principle you could just as well say some of Microsoft’s sites are infected.

DrM. said...

I have no problem with Chrome or Safari viewing photos and no warning either

1 o'clock Rob said...

Was hoping to head down but the small one already has a dripping nose so thought we'd wait till the weather improves later in the week to see the improvements. Our beach hut is on the prom just up from Barnes car park and it is great to see that after campaigning the scrub land finally gets the "overhaul" it needs. I hope that it will become an area of natural interest and give people somethign else to look at when walking along our shores.

Michael Child said...

Simon nor do I, but going to the trouble of running various websites I periodically look at what I have done in the most popular browsers, if you go to the stats tab of your blogger dashboard and click on the link that says more, to the right of where it says Audience, over the map of the world. You will find it tells you how many of your blog readers use which browser. Mine says Internet Explorer 71,765 (58%) Firefox 32,641 (26%) Chrome 8,873 (7%) Safari 7,165 (5%) Opera 1,237 (1%) since July when blogger first started recording this.

So about 88% of your readers are using different programs to unscramble the computer language that you are publishing to the internet, something that we both know looks like gibberish without these programs. With out using these other browsers there really is know way of knowing what this 88% of people are seeing when they read your blog. At the moment for instance 58% are being told that about 20% of your pictures contain viruses, of course you and I know they don’t, I just thought you would like to know this.

Tony said...

Thank you Simon for your kind words but the praise for today's success lies with local people, Kent Wildlife Trust (Paul and team), Thanet Coast Project (Suzie and Nora). It proves to me that community spirit is not dead in Thanet and green projects like this work and bring people together. It was good to see councillors from all persuasions coming together to support us. It just goes to show we can all work together to make Thanet better.

DrM. said...


I've just checked the photos in Inetrnet Explorer 8 and I'm not seeing the same problem as you. It's fine!

That said I appear to have lost my sidebar today for some unknown reason I need to resolve!

Michael Child said...

To see ourselves as others see us and all that Simon, but I can see your sidebar and the problem with the pictures has now gone away, however I think it may come back again as it seems to keep coming and going.

I am pretty sure it is some sort of malicious attack on Microsoft, on the basis that if they can’t use IE8s automatic virus reporting, because people keep reporting viruses that aren’t there, then they won’t be able to use it for viruses that are there.

With Internet Explorer it’s just amazing how many people don’t update it, considering that the older versions leak like a sieve, take a look at this

Andrew said...

Does anyone really stil use Internet Explorer?