Tuesday, February 01, 2011

All About Crime

At last, local people can find information on reported crimes of all types, that have taken place in the streets around them. by visiting the new PoliceUK site launched today.

Simply type in your postcode and with help from Google maps, this will show you what crimes took place where, together with our local policing information, such as your neighbourhood officers and contacts.

From Westgate's perspective, our anti-social behaviour problems around the village, prompting the need for a dispersal order, are clearly visible.

I've added a screen shot from Westgate, 'CT8' below but quite clearly, 'CT9', the Margate postcode is the one to look at and illustrates the challenges that the community and the police face locally.


Anonymous said...

Tried to get on site but just freezes. No doubt it has gone down due to high use or has it been hacked already?

Michael Child said...

test comment

Anonymous said...

Well impressive - not. Site freezes as soon as you try and input the post code. Can't believe that there are that many people trying to access the site so probably yet another example of public money being frittered away on PR projects with little real purpose and half-cocked IT.
If you want another example of useless state-sponsored IT you only need to go and ask any local school that has had such rubbish foisted on them as the price for BSF regeneration. That alone justified Michael Gove's freeze on further money wasting

Anonymous said...

just logged on and am instantly horrified !!!
Just typein MARGATE and look on with horror, what the hell is going on, i always thought it was bad but not this bad.
Iraq looks a more pleasant destination compared to margate if these stats are to be believed.
Maybe now the occupants at the top of Fort Hill will get out of their bleeding cars and do some work, or is that a little toooooo much to hope for ?

Anonymous said...

You make it sound like Margate is free from crime if anything crime has dropped massively in the last 5 years

I dont know where you have all been but thanet is nothing even similar to what it used to be