Monday, January 24, 2011

A Starring Role

I was asked to put-up this poster, looking for volunteers and promoting the effort by local people to start a small nature reserve on the seafront at  the Westbrook undercliff on Sunday 20th February.  I plan to put in an appearance, so see you there I hope.

Meanwhile, in contrast to 'Outside Turner Contemporary' and over at that other local literary blogging delight, The Thanet Star, self-proclaimed local business tycoon and entrepreneur, Lord Matt of Margate, is reportedly feeling the pinch in these troubled times and clearly believes that his content is worth sponsoring to the tune of £100 a month in order to keep his site - which fell-off the web this weekend - alive a little longer.

Personally, I think a small donation to 'Help the Aged', a memorial bench on the seafront or some other worthy charity might be more personally rewarding than a regular supporting mention on The Thanet Star but just think of the publicity you could achieve for your business or brand , should you choose to sponsor Matt's struggling weblog instead of going for a small advertisement on Facebook!

All I can offer is 'Good Luck'!


Peter Checksfield said...

There's probably a better way of publicising your local business... ; )

tony flaig bignews said...

A typically smug view as ever Simon, cheap remarks about literary merit, I suggest you take a detached view of your own boy scout style.

DrM. said...

Tony, it's a curious thing that we both attended the same school, sat in the same classes and were taught by the same teachers.

This has nothing to do with literary style but everything to do with the enormous chip on your shoulder. It appears to grow larger as your own sense of importance increases and your sense of humour entirely disappears!

Andrew said...

I hunted all through Simons blog and I couldn't find the words "literary merit" anywhere. Selective Liberal Democrat paranoia again, or maybe the chip on each shoulder is affecting eyesight.
I do wonder why the ThanetStar bod needs money for his blog when all the other ones seem to operate for free.

Anonymous said...

Andrew I think you will find it's implied, Simon feels threatened by some of the lower ranks.

DrM. said...

Blimey! I hadn't realised and will refer myself to a therapist without delay!