Friday, January 07, 2011

Crunch Time

Another car accident on Westgate Bay Avenue just after 9am this morning and this time, one of the cars involved has gone straight through the wall of Ethelbert Square, almost opposite the doctors' surgery.

I've asked the council to make the wall safe as soon as the car is moved but once again, it's one of those incidents where it's hard to work out the exact circumstances that led to the damage.

I've written before that Westgate Bay Avenue has more than its fair share of crashes and partly because it's so busy. However, taking road safety into account, I'm not personally convinced that a great deal can be done to mitigate the risks because so many of the accidents, are, in my own view quite avoidable from a driver perspective and not simply a consequence of a busy road.

In the past year, I've seen two accidents at this spot and possibly four or five in total along a stretch of four hundred yards. One involved me nursing an elderly man who had walked out in front of a car, until the ambulance arrived.

Local residents who drive along the same area will know that they have to keep their eyes open because only too often and I'm speaking from experience, drivers using the busy doctors surgery can present a serious traffic hazard to other road users.

Parking restrictions would be highly unpopular and speed bumps ineffective and so I'm open to suggestions on how we might better avoid more such avoidable accidents in the future?


Tony said...

One of the major problems is cars trying to join Westgate Bay Avenue from the side turnings from Ethelbert Square. Trying to exit these roads is difficult as there is a lack of vision to the right often due to parked cars. Many times have I had to break because cars have not seen me travelling towards Westgate. I know the hazard and drive accordingly but others may not. There are solutions but none popular eg parking restrictions, blocking off access from these roads or lowering the speed limit for this stretch. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

It may be an obvious statement, and I guess that its unlikely that anything can be done in these cash-strapped times, but the Westgate Surgery has outgrown its current premises which, I think, were built in the 60s. A site with parking and easier access for disabled and elderly patients would be a great improvement.

Spotter said...

I think that failure to appreciate speed and distance together with inaccurate observation play a part in these mysterious incidents. These disadvantages may explain why elder drivers seem to be involved in the collisions you nearly witness.

Doddery I am not

Anonymous said...

The problem is easily solved here..... double yellow lines.
Trying to get onto Westgate Bay Avenue is at times impossible due to the poor parking manners of those who should know better.
The result is that cars are forced to edge ever further forward into the road where traffic is already mobile....result ....see the picture!!!!