Saturday, December 18, 2010

Westgate Fun Day 2010 – Snowed Out

I've just come in from patrolling our local Westgate Christmas 'Fun day' and must have resembled a snowman! I can't recall a snow fall as heavy as this in a great many years and the side-roads are rapidly becoming impassable.

Great credit goes to the local traders for organising this annual event and the people out this afternoon, huddled in the blizzard conditions, who are supporting it but it's become too much of an environmental challenge. As I left, some of the entertainers were breaking down their stands, realizing that if they don't escape soon, they may be here for the weekend!

Several inches of snow are forecast to fall in the hours ahead and I suspect that the conditions are now so bad in the rest of Kent, where there is still the remains of earlier snowfalls, that the roads and pavements may not be cleared as effectively as we might wish. Would advise readers not to go out by car unless they really have to in order to avoid accidents. Already where I live cars are having problems in Westgate Bay Avenue.

I will be going back at about 4pm  to see how it's progressing once the snow stops, if it stops!


itmike said...

We went to the Christmas fun day. Its a shame that the weather ruined the day as I know a lot of effort had gone into rescheduling the events. Well done to the people who did brave the weather. Maybe a summer fare, fun day would be something to look forwards to.

Dave C said...

I enjoyed visiting the Fair. A summer event would be a good idea.