Monday, December 20, 2010

Waste and recycling collections suspended

Waste and recycling collections in Thanet have been suspended today (Monday 20 December).

Although crews were able to make it into the council’s depot, it was too dangerous to get the refuse freighters out. The freezing temperatures have turned the layers beneath the snow into ice, causing vehicles to skid dangerously.

Mark Seed, Director of Environmental Services, said: “Although our staff have been able to get into work, the problem is getting our trucks out on the road to do the collections. We have 26 ton vehicles and once those start to skid on an icy road, it’s almost impossible to stop them. The last thing the council wants is an accident and, in this weather, we simply can’t take that risk. Our freighters also have to collect from side roads, which are often not cleared of snow and can be exceptionally dangerous. We will do everything we can to get the collections back on track as quickly as possible when the weather improves, and the fact that our crews working as usual during the Christmas week this year, including Bank Holidays, should help.”

If you are on a wheeled bin collection and were due to have your waste or recycling collected today, please keep your bin outside. The council’s refuse crews will try to get out to people, as soon as weather allows.

For those on black sack or blue recycling bag collections, please take them in to stop animals or seagulls attacking them. Please do not leave them outside overnight. Please put your bags back out for collection from 6am each day. Priority will be given to collecting black sacks, as soon as services resume.

With paper and cardboard collections, please take these inside and keep them until the next scheduled collection.

The council's website has a section on frequently asked questions when bad weather affects collections and we will always place the latest updates on disruption to collections on the council’s website, with information also available by calling 01843 577115.


Michael Child said...

Simon just looking out the window I counted 10 black sacks outside the community housing that I can see, they must have been there since the snow fell on Saturday as you can see where it fell on them, our normal bin day here is Wednesday, the community housing was once small businesses, converted to residential with grant funding. This may not make much sense as few people would want in the town centre with 24 hour drinking and the takeaways in this part of the town open into the early hours. No problem filling this undesirable accommodation though because of housing benefit and no sane landlord wanting tenants that chuck rubbish outside when they feel like it. But really 6 am, bit of a joke here even for me, I got to bed in the early hours having called the police when the alarm went of at the Costcutter next door.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I can understand the TDC calling off the waste and blue bin stuff. However, our roads are being left in a highly dangerous state. Ok, the Canterbury Road is being salt/gritted, but most other thoroughfare's are being ignored.
Albion Road in Birchington, previously referred to, is a thoroughfare, as is Minnis Road. All ignored, why?
There are a lot of older frail Resident's in Birchington, but their needs have always been ignored by the TDC. These streets and footpath's have to be cleared so that our older Council Tax payers can get about safely.

Peter Checksfield said...

Canterbury ROAD may be gritted, but the pavements certainly haven't, at least where all the shops are in Westbrook. Why is this?

Andrew said...


amongst the points-scorers. Thanks for trying to keep people informed