Monday, December 27, 2010

Accident Black Spot

A nasty car crash outside my home in the last thirty minutes,as one car appears to have pulled-out from a side road in the path of an on-coming Mercedes in Westgate Bay Ave. Two fire crews are busily involved in cutting-out one of the drivers with ambulance crews giving on the spot medical attention.

This part of Westgate where Westgate Bay Ave meets Westbrook Ave is a well-known accident black spot and I plan to re-approach our KCC councillor, Robert Burgess and the council's Joint Transportation Committee to revisit the proposal for traffic calming measures.


potatoehead64 said...

There seems to have been more than a few accidents recently. I half caught some news about yet another accident at the bottom of Brooksend Hill recently. I wondered what all the cones were out for on the dual carriageway

Anonymous said...

By "traffic calming measures" I really do hope you don't mean speed humps or the like. A sensible approach would be to increase the use of signs that alert motorists to their speed, as currently deployed by Bridge Road. These seem to have the desired effect & you won't introduce problems for emergency vehicles or potentially cause damage to vehicle
suspension (& consequent claims for damages).

Anonymous said...

Westbrook Avenue is a rat run for speeding locals who do not want to pass the speed cameras on the Canterbury Road. So a couple of speed cameras would be pretty effective....... What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

anon again!
These are two 'infamous' black spot's. Strange how the canterbury Road one has ocurred within a few meters of several other bad crashes. Is it time for the Highways Agency to answer "WHY?"
The same goes for Westbrook Avenue. They all appear to have happened in a very short space.
I, for one, find the joining of The Esplanade on to Westbrook Avenue quite dangerous. The aproaching vehicles from the right, are hidden from view by signs and the Bus Shelter, until it's nearly too late.
Perhaps the other European nations who drive with their headlights on at all times, have a good safety point! Should it be a consideration for the UK before too many other people die through these tragic accidents.

Anonymous said...

i was involved in this accident and your assumption of the event are completely wrong..
However i do agree with you on the need for traffic calming measures for such a long road. maybe 2 speed cameras will slow drivers down and prevent unnecessary accident in the future...