Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Westgate Renaissance

I was deeply disappointed to see that the public toilets in Westgate were expensively 'trashed' this week and in the most disgusting manner imaginable. With public money in increasingly short supply, this type of primitive vandalism hurts the community that has to pay for the repairs and begs searching questions about the disturbed mental state of the youths responsible.

Westgate residents may have noticed over the past couple of months how much more vibrant the village has become in the middle of a recession. A very good new coffee shop in Fredericks, a new family butcher and green-grocer and a Somerfield transformed into a Co-op to name but a few changes with more to come.

In times like these, what helps a business survive is being different and catering to niche local needs, instead of attempting to compete with the larger retail chains. This is the problem that Margate High Street has suffered badly from, while Birchington and Westgate, to a lesser degree, have managed to maintain a local identity and loyalty.

There are still a couple of empty spaces in Westgate and talking with a friend last week, I fondly reminisced over Howes, the hardware shop that I recall was the magical  source of paraffin and all household hardware items, much like a more modest version of Goodwins in Westbrook. If people 'shop local' then the whole community benefits as successful small businesses improve the look and feel of the town. So perhaps we have a small Westgate renaissance underway, which would indeed be something to celebrate in the run-up to Christmas 2010.


Anonymous said...

Sad to hear about the Toilets, just how long will it be before someone blames ''The Council'' As if They have special 'hit squads' of vandals and litter leavers poised to deploy, in case, some of our citizens do not destroy anything

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Anon 7:55 PM, for you are so right. There exists an element in Thanet who will find a way of blaming the TDC for just about everything.

As to the vandals, well I guess nothing will change until a couple of them are hung by the testicles with piano wire from the nearest lamp post. Sadly that is unlikely thanks to their 'Human Rights' presumably to wreck toilets and generally vandalise brought about by their deprived upbringing.

Where, oh where, have Reagan and George Dixon gone?

Gissajob said...

I too have noticed the new shops in Westgate. I live here and since being made unemployed cannot afford a car so walk everywhere and hence shop locally too. I'm likely to carry on doing so once I am re-employed.....hopefully sooner rather than later.

itmike said...

I have to agree that Westgate is looking good, more shops not only the ones mentioned but also a new ladies hairdressers. The website is a good place to look for information.