Friday, November 12, 2010

Not Forgotten

With Remembrance Sunday this weekend, I will be joining our community alongside my fellow Westgate councillors, Cllr Goodwin and Cllr King, laying a wreath from the Margate Charter Trustees at the War Memorial in Sea Rd at 11:30.

I'm reminded of a friend, now 91 who has two of his books sitting on my bookshelf. A true hero and World War II veteran; a former pilot whose remarkable personal qualities and heroism express the spirit of those times.

Steve Stevens DFC is famous for his wartime exploits flying Beaufighters into Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, as described in his book Beaufighter over the Balkans. After the war Steve went on to help found Mission Aviation Fellowship and this weekend, The Sunday Mirror plans to honour Steve and a wartime comrade of his with a centre-page spread.

Steve, I'm sure I share the sentiments of all my readers in acknowledging your courage and spirit and the sacrifices of your wartime comrades, so many of whom you left behind, in giving us the freedom we enjoy today and frequently take for granted.

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Bluenote said...

Share your sentiments entirely on Steve and his colleagues. What is, however, disgraceful is that the Rhodesians, who as a nation had the highest number of volunteers per head of population of any of the then British Empire nations, are not allowed to parade at the Cenotaph, although representatives of Mugabe's despotic Zimbabwean regime are.

The Rhodesians have to gather, with their memories of their lost friends, alone at a small plot in Westminster away from the main parade. Sad and brings no credit to Britain.