Friday, November 12, 2010

Local Performer

One poor chap is desperate for me to fly his marriage proposal around Leeds castle today. In this wind, he's going to be disappointed but as I told him, "It all works out in the end" and with a little patience, the weather will break over the coming week and he won't have to 'pop the question' in a howling gale!

Perhaps it's something to do with November, who knows but another romantic, living in the unexplored wilds of Norfolk asked if I could do the same up around Cromer. But even that pales in contrast with suitor No#3, who asked if I could fly to a spot near Bradford with a proposal at 8pm. "She won't be able to see it," I said, "it's dark" but he hadn't thought of that! Maybe there's a new market for luminous advertising, or huge flying signs, like those in the Sci-fi cult movie, 'Blade Runner."

Cabinet last night and standing outside the Gateway in Margate, a solitary middle-aged lady was singing loudly, a can of something cheerful  gripped tightly in one hand. At both the bus stops, the new Samsung 'Galaxy' tab was being advertised by Tesco, only £500 for Christmas and incongruous I thought, in the circumstances and the location. Worlds apart but close enough to touch in a brief passing image of modern society.

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