Monday, November 08, 2010

Freezing Rain

It's showing 5 degrees outside and a big change from last week's balmy 18 degrees. Passing Nash Road, a little earlier, I was concerned to see a group of miserable-looking horses, heads bowed against the freezing rain, huddled together in the corner of a waterlogged field and not all wearing turnout coats to keep them warm. I would have thought in these conditions it would be sensible, if not humane, to keep them in the stables!

Later this evening it's the monthly meeting of the Westgate & Westbrook residents association and I understand that KCC councillor, Robert Burgess, will be delivering a quick update on the future of Westgate fire station. I can't really offer to report more than I said last month other than comment on the impact of last month's Comprehensive Spending Review. Many people I speak with still struggle to grasp the real implications of the spending cuts ahead and I'm frequently asked: "Where's my council tax gone?" The answer is of course that it only paid a fractional amount of the cost of local public services and the really big balance of funding came from central government and the county council.

Thanet is strangely enough in a better financial position, in terms of its reserves, than many of its coastal neighbours, thanks to good housekeeping policies but with £21 million to find over the coming four years, the starting balance may appear more than a little irrelevant and the figure too large to imagine.

This is a subject that reaches beyond politics but I'm sure that it's one that won't avoid it in the months until next May!


Ken Gregory said...

Funnily enough Simon, the horses without turn out rugs were probably of the native breeds. If you think about it, who 'rugs up' the ponies in the New Forest, or Exmoor'? Seriously the horses coat is very resistant to rain and cold. However, a Donkey is not, and must have shelter!

Anonymous said...

despite most money coming from central government and the county council it still originates to a large extent locally no matter how many politicians and officers get their greasy palms on it

DrM. said...

And pray tell me how you work that out? In fact, less than 20% of the council tax stays with us directly. the balance goes to the county council, local government pensions etc.

Anonymous said...

This guy is really lucky !