Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Blanket of Snow

Back to a frozen Britain and hour or so ago from a much warmer Abu Dhabi. The 'fast' train from St Pancras turned into a rather slow one as it negotiated deep snow across the Kent countryside and struggled into Margate fifteen minutes late. Meanwhile, I heard at the station that no trains from Victoria had arrived in our direction in a couple of hours.

Thanet appears relatively unscathed in contrast to the thick snow I witnessed through the rest of Kent, which appeared to thin-out around Minster. If we have any more, as forecast overnight then I suspect we may see a repeat of last year's chaos, although the County Council appears much better prepared than it was before.

Have a thought for the small creatures in you gardens. An early cold snap proved deadly to countless thousands of birds and small mammals last year and so if you can put anything out for them it could be the difference between life and death if these unseasonably cold conditions continue. Meanwhile, as you can see from my photo of just over twenty-four hours ago, there are warmer places to dream about on these dark winter evenings!

The great Sheik Zayed  Grand Mosque stands just opposite where I was staying at the Armed Forces Officers Club and it's a longer walk than it looks. An incredibly impressive feat of architecture both inside and out.

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Kiki said...

Hmmm...I wonder how they'd cope with snow in Abu Dhabi?