Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your Call

Noticing the vigorous political debate taking place on Big News Margate, I left a comment pointing out that here in Thanet, the consequences of Labour's unrestrained borrowing spree has left us in Thanet, short of approximately £21 million pounds over the next four years; a 28% reduction as council leader, Bob Bayford wrote in his Thanet Gazette column on Friday.

You'll notice the artwork on the left from the start of the recession when Gordon was promising to solve the fiscal deficit problem but In fact since we had the figures following the Chancellor's spending review over a week ago, the figure does keep increasing, incrementally, as we discover new grants that won't be forthcoming, in what is a highly benefits dependent area of the country.

A quick mental calculation estimates that the additional burden of debt shared between every man woman and child in Thanet at roughly £140 or a challenge to deliver four years of  public services with, as Bob wrote, only three years money available to pay for them in the form in which they presently exist!

In an earlier entry, I warned readers that the landscape of local government and the welfare state is about to experience an unprecedented change, call it a tsunami if you like, which will change it forever; value for money being at the very top of the list of priorities.  And when people ask me where their council tax has gone, I gently remind them that it's only  represents income of around £9.75 million of a total annual expenditure locally of around £45 million, of which a large chunk goes towards crippling public sector pension commitments. The balance of funding comes from central government and county grants.

The Labour opposition is of course remaining very quiet about the size of budget cuts they would have been forced to make, just to pay the enormous annual interest on the national debt.

With this weeks fierce debate over housing, whose party manifesto pledge was this you might ask?

‘Housing Benefit will be reformed so we do not subsidise people to live in private sector accommodation on rents working families couldn’t afford.’

The author was one Ed Miliband!

With local elections only a matter of six months away, the people of Thanet will have to ask themselves which political party can best navigate our community through this tough financial  period in our history and bring us out of the recession, prepared for a new future and still afloat and solvent. Left to a local Labour Party, who still deny the existence of a deficit, I believe we would risk sinking our small boat quite quickly but Thanet's future rests very much in the hands of voters in May, perhaps more so than any time in the last thirty years!


Anonymous said...

Bit unfair cos its all down to them fat cat bankers, innit? I mean poor old Gordon saved the world and what thanks did he get. Shafted by the Lib/Dems so no wonder he is sat up in Scotland sobbing.

Then there was all that fuss about him calling that woman a bigot. Well why not for everybody knows that only 9 out of every 10 jobs Labour created went to immigrants so she could have had the other one.

Ungrateful thats what I say and now the chickens come home to roost with massive cuts and everybody, except the bankers, on the bread line. If we had kept Gordon we could have gone bankrupt, like Greece, and then everyone else would have stepped in to save us for a change.

No I say vote Labour next May and drive all the banks out of Britain - better off without them. Put everyone to work in the public sector with a gold plated pension and replace the monarchy with Bob Crow.

Problem solved, innit!

DrM. said...

Thanks to Michael Child for correcting my back of the fag paper estimate for too many zeroes!