Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Severn Visitor

An interesting warship moored offshore between Westgate and Margate this afternoon. Enlarging the photo I can see what appears to be 'F282' which should make it HMS Severn an offshore patrol vessel and one of the survivors of a steadily shrinking but proud Royal Navy which once dominated the world's oceans.

What she is patrolling off Margate for is off course anyone's guess. I'll accept humorous suggestions in the comments section! I can think of a few myself.


Anonymous said...

fishery protection hounding the poor fishermen once again

Michael Child said...

Even with the cuts it looks a bit on the small size for a frigate so perhaps it’s P282.

DrM. said...

I think your'e right!

Anonymous said...

The Peoples Front of Ramsgate are preparing to invade to plunder the vast riches being spread across the north of the Island.

Our Air Force will be over next.