Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Expenses Mate

The General Election may be over but the expenses scandal continues to run elsewhere. I've just read that David Cameron will plead with European heads of state in Brussels to freeze the EU's budget over the next financial framework, given that that the UK's deficit is 11.4% of GDP and Cameron's policy, to knuckle down and work hard to reduce this shortfall, before lavishly spending elsewhere, is commendable.

However, setting a fine public example to the rest of us, Guido Fawkes reveals that ten 'deficit-denying' Labour MEPs have voted against a freeze in the EU’s budget. What is it, he asks, that could possibly make them want to defend the status quo? Well in the last year alone as you may guess, these fine examples of socialist principle have claimed £786,478.66 between them from the taxpayer. Even more infuriating is the fact that over a hundred grand of that went to the MEPs wives and families, conjuring in my mind a happy family picture of the very successful and really quite wealthy, Kinnock political dynasty once again.

Meanwhile, over at Big News Margate, the 2011 local election race appears to have started early in Dane Valley. In the absence of Eastcliff Richard, Tony Flaig is once again speaking his mind, with  his political sights now firmly focused on fellow blogger, Mark Nottingham, (who happens to be the political agent for Labour MEP, Mary Honeyball)  now reportedly deselected by Labour from his Northwood seat, with the local  Party keeping curiously quiet about the grounds for such a remarkable decision.

I'm sure by the time the local elections come around, it will all get very interesting and we'll be hearing the constant argument, that the state of the national debt was nothing to do with Gordon Brown and borrowing beyond our means as a nation but completely the fault of the rich bankers instead.


Tony Beachcomber said...

Who needs bankers I would have thought the record of the past four years of this Conservative administration would be more than enough ammunition to fight a local election.

DrM. said...

In contrast to what Labour might have achieved we can probably give ourselves a pat on the back!

Everything could be better but given the events of the last four years and a number of successes, Westwood, Wind Farms, the Turner Project, it's not all doom and gloom. However, we need to accept the fact that we have real economic and social problems on our doorstep that won't go away easily and without millions of central Government intervention required.

Anonymous said...

Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.

Bluenote said...

Thanet's best interests would more likely be served by a Conservative administration working in co-operation with a Conservative County Council and a Conservative PM led government, than by having a Labour one opposing everything. As Dr. M says, the dear old isle needs a lot of input from government and we are much more likely to get that by co-operation of like minded administrations than opposition for opposition's sake. All Labour can do is dream of a double dip recession and try to bring it about!

steve higgins said...

Simon, simon, simon,

Westwood - success, but at what cost? Was Margate the top of the hit parade for empty shops before Westwood opened?

Wind farms - bugger all to do with this council, more central government - a labour one - pushing the issue of renewable energy

Turner - not even open yet, so its a wait and see if an art gallery can resolve economic and social problems by itself, as nothing else has been done.

I wouldn't accuse your council of doing wrong things - you've just got them in the wrong order or wrong place!

Labour, Tory, who cares. I want local politicians to care about local issues first and not follow party political lines on local votes as labour/tory councillors do.

You've been waiting for millions from central government to solve the problems, allegedly £60,000,000 has been spent in Margate, but what has it done?

Have you ever considered for one second that your part of the problem, not the solution?