Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two Views

Two contrasting views of Westbrook this afternoon taken with my iPhone. The first is the paddle steamer, Waverley, sailing majestically past towards Birchington on a glass-like sea and the second, a burned-out Mercedes in the very spot, near the Barnes Avenue car park, that is being set aside as a nature reserve of sorts. The latter must have happened in the last 24 hours as the wreck is still warm. Rather depressing to say the least and I have called my colleague Cllr Martin Wise, to see if the council can have the wreck, which must also be a crime-scene, removed as quickly as possible.

This weekend, we have the annual, 'Big Sky' kite flying festival on Margate beach. I have been asked if I can trawl a banner, advertising the event between Birchington and Broadstairs at Midday on Saturday, so I'm hoping the weather is kind to both kites and banners. Invariably what is good for the former is a problem for the latter but if you get any good photos of either please feel free to send them along.

I did watch the Miliband speech earlier. Somewhat dull and full of socialist cliches I thought but then I would say that I suppose! It did make me rather wonder what Labour were doing for the last decade or so, to promise so much 'fairness' for the future. Total Politics reports that delegates and party members seem satisfied that it was a good 'first speech'. But you can't help but wonder how different it would have been for his older brother. Are people more gracious to the younger Miliband? Will he have the time and space to grow into the role, in a concession that would not have been afforded to his brother? We will never know.

I have my own theory that David Miliband may have actually won the leadership ballot but lost to those members of the Party, who couldn't tell the difference between the brothers and ticked the wrong box. David alluded to it in his speech yesterday, telling of people coming-up to congratulate him on his victory.  If you think about it, a near 1% margin of victory is almost within statistical probability or put another way, rather more than 1% of the voting population, I suspect are likely to have problems reading the instructions on any ballot paper without a little help!

My thanks to my friend Richard Holway, of reminding me of the classic Blackadder quote: "Death to all geography masters..."We will fight this by-election on policies not personalities...because our candidate doesn't have a personality"

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