Thursday, September 23, 2010

Turner Contemporary Takes Shape

Another aerial photo to share with you today, this time it's the Turner Contemporary 'shot' on the way back from the Thanet wind farm yesterday.
You can see how the whole structure is steadily coming together now with under a year left until its opening. (click on the photo to zoom it up)

Cabinet meeting this evening. Dalby Square, Selective Licensing in Cliftonville, East Kent Shared Services and more on the agenda on the desk in front of me.


Pat M said...

Up until now I hadn't fully appreciated that its more than just a large lump on the foreshore.

Tony Beachcomber said...

I find myself in a strange position regarding the Turner Center because I have no strong views for or against. The reason being is that I think the sucess or failure of The Turner will be down to how it is managed and like the theatre bringing in the right acts.
From a Heritage point of view and the correspondence I receive, it is noticiable that the interest from outside the area in the History and Heritage of Margate is well and truly on the up. I put this down to the Turner center.

Michael Child said...

Sorry to say this but I like my architecture with the knobbly bits on it, a few pillars, porticos even the odd gargoyle, although please no portholes, just because it’s by the seaside.

Just for a moment, say you didn’t know what this building or the others in the photos were, I mean you can see the cluster of dwellings even date them roughly from the roof styles, the Droit House is obviously some sort of special civic building but the Turner looks rather industrial.

Perhaps it is awaiting its glass coating and will than glow in the sunlight.

malc said...

and it's still a massive waste of public money.
£giga for toffs toys.
£littl for the peasantry

e.g. dreamland restoration to deliver SERIOUS regeneration to margate and get punters back spending their ub40s on something sensible